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Incoming freshman, this one is for you

Justyne Bernal, Staff Writer

April 3, 2019

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To you incoming freshman, the best advice to give you would simply be to always be yourself. They say that during high school you figure out who you truly are and maybe part of that is true. But, at the end of the day never lose sight of who you are.  There is going to be many people and even teachers that try to  influence you but never change. I am sure that most of you look forward to high school because of the freedom you will have. The maturity level that is expected from you is high and it is up to you if you...

Is failing or never trying worse? What are you most grateful for?

Olga Ozornia, Staff Writer

March 28, 2019

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I believe never trying is worse because you don’t get to experience life as it is. Everyone fails in life, at one point or another, and you’re just bound to experience it. If you think of it this is how many famous people became famous because of their failure. So, failing shouldn’t be something you should fear because it’s a way of maturing. To fail is a part of life, so when we succeed we can say it was through these moments that got me here. Never withstanding a loss is what stops people from moving on in th...

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