Theatre Arts student shares her experiences as Margot Frank

The Magnet Tribune: Aryanna Rodriguez
VMT Theatre student Daniela Ramon played Margot Frank in "The Diary of Anne Frank."

Aryanna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Daniela Ramon said out of all the plays she has done “The Diary of Anne Frank” was not only the most challenging but one of the hardest. She had to play the role of Margot Frank in a very different and dramatic way.

“Of all the plays I have done this was certainly one of the most challenging, not only because there was so little information about Margot Frank but because it was my first full dramatic role with a really dark theme to it,” she said.

I liked that I got to explore the intimacy that happened during such a very dark time especially with a character who had so little information about her.”

— Daniela Ramon

The play mostly takes place in the Secret Annex, behind a bookshelf inside a house in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, Netherlands, during World War II.

Ramon was definitely happy about the opportunity she had as a senior. Along with her opportunity came challenges which Ramon was ready for.

Ramon, a theatre arts student, had to face the challenge of finding information on Margot Frank. Ramon said there isn’t much information on her character because Margot’s diary was never found. Only Anne’s diary was found.

“It was difficult trying to find information because there is almost nothing. There are some books that have a little detail about her life but it’s mostly just what other people say about her,” Ramon said.

Ramon didn’t give up even with the challenges she had she had to face while trying to play the role of Margot. She was determined to be able to come out in the play even though there was little information on her character. She used the little information she had from the books and biographies about Margot to study. It wasn’t a lot of information but she made it work.

She liked the challenges that she had and kept a positive attitude towards them.

“A lot of it was left to me, and I kind of liked that I was able to have a lot of interpretations into a historical character,” she said.

Ramon really tried her best to stay true to her character, and she wanted to play the role of Margot as best as she could. She was able to connect some things from her life to the play which helped her express emotions that she needed for her role.

“There are things that I could draw on myself being a sister because there are some conflicts that my sisters have had with my mom, and Anne had a lot of difficulties with her mom. It’s something I could draw from and relate to,” she explained.

Daniela was able to connect with her ”sister,” fellow VMT student Maggie Sharp, who played Anne Frank, in many ways. Her connection with Anne really helped her in the play. She recognized that it was hard for Anne.

“Margot knew what she was going through and even though she wasn’t so similar to her sister she knew that it was hard for her to be such an expressive person,” Ramon said.

Overall, Ramon really enjoyed the opportunity she had.

“I liked that I got to explore the intimacy that happened during such a very dark time especially with a character who had so little information about her,” Ramon said.

She recognizes that in the end all the hard work, and studying she had to do on Margot Frank was worth it. Ramon agrees that the role of Margot was a great role for her.

“My least favorite part of playing the role of Margot was probably the lack of information of her but it was a very great role.”