Juan Astudillo brings his passion for politics and government to the classroom


The Magnet Tribune: America Moreno

New Social Studies teacher Juan Astudillo works on his computer in his classroom on September 15, 2017.

America Moreno, Staff Writer

Juan Astudillo remembers being in second grade, watching the news, and knowing what was going on with the presidential election of Ronal Reagan and Jimmy Carter in 1980.

He also knew about local politics, knowing who was running for mayor. He still loves watching the news and watching documentaries, history wise.

As an adult, Astudillo now notices that as a small child he always seemed to be heading in the direction of politics and government.

“It’s a blessing that I get to teach and work with the stuff that I love,” Astudillo said.

Astudillo has had a good experience this year at VMT, it being his first year here.

“It’s a really different campus with really special kind of students,” Astudillo added.

Astudillo has taught in different school districts. From United ISD to Gateway Academy, this will be his third educational stop of his career. He has worked in several other jobs though. From HEB, at 16 years old, to a security officer at Martin.

He didn’t always aspire to be a teacher. At different points in his life, he had different dreams. He ended up graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science. Teaching was the fastest way to have a career so he chose to teach.

“It wasn’t my first choice but it was probably the best choice. I really enjoy doing what I do,” Astudillo said.

Astudillo is really excited about VMT’s upcoming events, especially the Hispanic festival.

Right now, Astudillo is part of the Voter Registration Drive. He has gone to different schools, along with all the Social Studies teachers and school Director Dr. Martha Villarreal, gathering many teenagers as much as possible, of the proper age, to register for voting. The Voter Registration Drive is the first thing that Astudillo got involved with this year.

Although he has heard of the common VMT events, he has never attended one.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the events in the theatre,” Astudillo said.

It’s a blessing that I get to teach and work with the stuff that I love.”

— Juan Astudillo

Astudillo has compared VMT to other schools that he has taught at.

“It’s a different environment, very positive,” he said.

In his opinion, 99.9 percent of the time, in the school and the class, everything’s really positive. It’s very educationally driven and he enjoys it. He thinks that the students are very receptive to learn and participate in class, which he has not seen on other campuses.

“That’s something you don’t always see at different schools because of different factors,” Astudillo said.

Astudillo doesn’t fail to mention that he hopes he has many more years to come here at VMT. He said he would really enjoy spending as many years as possible here before his career ends and is also hoping this is his last career stop.