Long-time couples grow with each other

The Magnet Tribune: Addy Melgar
Jose Lopez and Annabel Reyes volunteered at the Sacred Heart Children's Home with the Nixon JROTC in September.

Addy Melgar, Staff Writer

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Over the years many celebrities have been seen to have a strangely similar appearance with their significant other; they might even think alike or dress accordingly to the other one’s appearance.

This has been happening from celebrities to normal people around the world.

My theory is that whenever you spend a large amount of time with a person, for example, your boyfriend or girlfriend you start developing several similarities, not only their habits but you might even start looking like them in a physical way.

Here are stories of two local couples who have developed their unique relationships.


Gabrielle Baro and Felquir Lenard Jacob, a relationship that started as a casual ride in the mornings

Gabrielle Baro and Felquir Lenard Jacob met when they shared a living space here in Laredo.

“We met in the same apartment complex because we stayed in one apartment complex so I saw him a lot, but then a family friend told me, ‘oh why don’t you go with Jacob so they can give you a ride in the mornings’ so that’s when we met,” Baro said.

Gabrielle and Felquier went to school together at J.W Nixon High School. After going in the mornings together to school they started to become close and in their sophomore year second semester they began their relationship.

“We were best friends, then he made a move and I just figured, ‘it’s us?’” Baro said, shrugging her shoulders. “I felt comfortable with him, like I tell him all my secrets then suddenly, ‘spark.’”

They both come from the Philippines but did not meet there.

Gabrielle and Felquir have been together for now 1 year and 6 months. They often like to do things together like watching movies and eating together.

“We like McDonald’s and sometimes (at the school cafeteria) I’ll bring rice and he’ll bring the meat and we just eat it,” Baro said, while using her hands to put imaginary dishes on a table.

Right now Jacob is living in Dallas, so they are in a long distance relationship. He was not available for an interview.

“It does not matter if we are far apart as long as we are close in heart,” Baro said.

Gabrielle and Jacob share some physical similarities and often like to do things together even if they are apart.

“He likes planning matching clothes. Like sometimes I just say, ‘I’ll use whatever’ but he asks me, ‘what are you going to use’ and I tell him, ‘I’m going to use this pants with this shirt’ and he’ll say, ‘me too,’” Baro said, pointing to imaginary piles of clothing on a table. “He told me to buy the Vans (shoes) so we could be matching.”

Baro and Jacob have their own signature move whenever they video chat.

“It’s like a duck face but uglier,” Baro said, using her right hand to imitate a duck’s bill.

Baro and Jacob were often confused by friends and other people because of their similarities and their language, Tagalog.

It does not matter if we are far apart as long as we are close in heart.”

— Gabrielle Baro

“We talk each other’s languages, so many people would think that we are siblings at first,” Baro said. “Until we started holding hands, people realized that we weren’t brother and sister or cousins.”

They usually only talk their native language with each other, she said.

“We can trash talk and no one will understand what we are saying,” Baro said.

There is a special word that they both use in Tagalog to signal each other in their own way.

“We often say ‘kepet,’ and it means armpit. We use it to kind of signal each other. I don’t know, it’s something weird that we just do,” Baro said with a shrug of her shoulders.

Baro and Jacob have a very original way of calling each other. Unlike most people, they don’t call each other “babe” or “baby.”

“We call each other ‘Du dung’ and ‘Inday.’ It means maid and butler,” Baro said, “Du dung’ is my boyfriend and ‘Inday’ is me.”

Baro and Jacob not only share their language and some physical similarities, but they also share personality traits.

“We are super goofy with each other,” Baro said.

They have this one special song that represents them called “Grow Old with You,” by Adam Sandler.

“It’s a love song, and we see each other in that song. I think it represents us,” Baro said.

“We fight a lot, but whenever we do, we put our prides aside and ask each other for forgiveness,” Baro said.


Annabel Reyes and Jose Lopez, a relationship that started through a group of friends they had in common

“We were all friends and that’s how I met him,” Reyes said.

They started liking each other after some time of being friends and talking through the group of friends.

“We just started texting each other and I don’t know, it just happened,” Reyes said, “I guess his personality and the way he is funny was what made me started liking him, the way we were with each other; we just kind of clicked.”

“I had liked her for a long time,” Lopez added.

Annabel and Jose have been together now for about 2 years and 10 months. They enjoy eating together at the Wing Stop restaurant on Loop 20.

“The first time he went was because I took him. I had tried it (the restaurant) before but it was the first time he tried it and that’s like his thing now,” Reyes said. “He always wants to go; we go together almost every month.”

The Wing Stop restaurant became their favorite place to go.

“There is not a month that we don’t go,” Lopez said.

Annabel and Jose also enjoy eating tomato as their home snack.

“Tomato is our thing,” Reyes said. “We could just eat it by itself or sometimes add lemon and salt to it and just eat it.”

Annabel and Jose also share some physical similarities and are often thought to be related by other people.

“People who barely meet us confuse us to be related,” Reyes said. “Often random people and even friends have told us, ‘oh, I thought you guys were brother and sister.’”

They not only look alike but they also have very similar personalities.

Jose and Annabel were looking at a reporter when he said, “We are just retarded,” and she looked at him and said, “No you are retarded. We are just dumb together.”

Anabelle and Jose complement each other. Over time they acquired different perspectives and learned from each other, she said.

“I used to be very shy around guys but he has been the first one that actually lets me be weird around him,” Reyes said.

“She changed my perspective, now I look at things differently, with a purpose,” Lopez added.

They often like matching clothes and being in the same (JROTC) team helps them to match their uniforms.

She changed my perspective, now I look at things differently, with a purpose.”

— Jose Lopez

“We don’t have the same clothes but we try to match. We even have the same shoes,” Reyes said.

Annabel and Jose also have cute nicknames for each other.

“I call her ‘mamas’ like if it was her name,” Lopez said.

“I call him babe, baby, or random stuff. I’m just so used to call him that, that I just use it like if it was his name,” Reyes said.

They have this one special song that brings them together, called “Last Night on Earth” by Green Day.

“We have a lot of songs but that’s our song,” Reyes and Lopez said.

Annabel and Jose enjoy doing things together. They are both part of the JROTC program and they are even on the same team together, Raiders (the P.T. Team).

They enjoy looking at funny pictures and imitating those pictures.

“We often get weird faces from memes (funny pictures) and we try to imitate the pictures,” Reyes said.

They also copy and use phrases from some of the funny pictures they watch together.

“Catch phrases from memes or anything we just try copying them,” Reyes said.

Another thing that they also like to do is make fun of people and each other.

“We just like making fun of people in general,” Lopez said.

They have their own signature word that they use instead of using “oh no.”

“We usually just say ‘oh naw,” Lopez said.

“We just see something and we just say ‘oh naw,” Reyes added.

Like all couples, they often fight but what makes a strong relationship is the endurance and the support from each other.

“We fight but at the end of the day we make things right,” Reyes said.