Festive decorations give library a holiday feel

Addy Melgar, Staff Writer

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Teachers and staff like to stay festive through all the holidays. Many decorate their rooms or office depending on the holiday but the person who really stands out of the crowd is Library Aide George Gloria.

He said he has always loved to decorate. He started when he was in high school.

“I used to take art at my high school. That’s where I got the love of decorating,” Gloria said. “I graduated from Martin High School and I’m part of the class of ’63 (1963).”

Gloria has worked at VMT for 5 years now.

“I love my job in the library because I enjoy reading, and I travel through the world with book reading.” Gloria said. “I think it’s important that we should all read.”

Gloria said he really enjoys working at VMT because he enjoys the surroundings and the students that attend the school as well as his coworkers.

“The most enjoyable thing of working in VMT is the beautiful students and the teachers that make me feel so welcomed and are always nice to me,” Gloria said. “Everybody is always so nice.”

Gloria said he enjoys all holidays equally and celebrates all holidays with a smile on his face and a good attitude towards them.

Valentines is all about love and he loves the students here at VMT.”

— Katherine Dovalina

“I love all holidays, but my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. As you can see, I love the fall and the dry leaves,” Gloria said while showing off his decorations in the library. “I wish I were in Georgia so I could see all those beautiful red and orange leaves.”

“I love the food, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie, the turkey and the veggies. I love the veggies,” Gloria added.

Gloria also enjoys the other holidays. In the summertime, he enjoys doing productive things and spending time with his family.

“I do my things slowly and gradually. I also enjoy doing my exercises in the sun and I don’t have to rush here, there and over there. I get to enjoy my summer,” Gloria said.

He usually decorates every year and every holiday. When visitors walk into Vidal M. Trevino’s library they always see decorations.

“I believe in the joy of celebration. I believe in bringing to life Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s (Day). When you share with your friends some candy and share some beautiful Valentine’s (Day) cards. Even at Christmas, you exchange beautiful Christmas cards,” Gloria said.

Gloria not only decorates his working space but he also decorates his home during the holidays.

“I like to decorate my house, especially around the TV set. When people come into my living room and they see the decorations, they say, ‘Wow pretty, you really are seasonal,’ and I tell them, ‘I love to be seasonal and I love to decorate,’” Gloria said.

He encourages other coworkers to decorate but due to the fact that teachers don’t decorate because of safety and fire code reasons he often decorates the library for everyone to enjoy.

“I love people to get into the spirit of the season and just get involved because Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas is just around the corner. I love just thanking God for all the goodness, all the family, friends, good wishes, and health,” Gloria said.

He believes the purpose of decorating is to get people to get involved in seasonal things and to get ready to celebrate whatever season people are celebrating.

“When they complement my decorations I feel so happy to see that they appreciate my hard work and that they like what I do,” Gloria said. “I love the joy of decorating.”

“The joy to be around people and celebrate and enjoy my artwork is what it’s worth the time I spend decorating,” Gloria said.

Gloria considers himself a man dedicated to his job because every year he works hard to make the library look cheerful and joyful.

I am dedicated because I love the things that I do and I love doing what I do.”

— George Gloria

“I would like to have a bigger library with more books for students to read, so the students can have a variety of books to read,” Gloria said.

Three Journalism students gave their opinion about Gloria’s decorations.

Olivia Trevino, a freshman, said that in the little time that she has been at school she has noticed that Gloria is a caring person.

“He mostly does the decorations for the students and staff to see,” Trevino added. “Most teachers don’t even try to decorate but he does it with a thought in mind as for the holidays.”

Trevino said she enjoys most of Gloria’s decorations and added saying that he is very creative and imaginative.

“All his little decorations, once they are all together, make it a whole beautiful thing,” Trevino said.

She has not been at VMT long enough to see all of Gloria’s decorations, but she said that she would like to see his Christmas decorations.

“At Christmas, you have more decorations and more colors, and I think he is going to do a great job,” Trevino said. “It feels good to see that it’s decorated because some libraries don’t decorate but Mr. Gloria actually puts in the effort to make it look nice.”

Katherine Dovalina, another freshman, also likes Gloria’s decorations.

“It gives me a good vibe. There’s that welcoming feeling for each of the seasons,” Dovalina said. “He goes all out, and makes the library look nice.” .

She said that one word that would describe the decorations would be “amazing.”

“Amazing, because every little thing he does stands out in the library,” Dovalina said.

She also enjoys other holiday decorations like Valentine’s Day.

“Valentines is all about love, and he loves the students here at VMT,” Dovalina said.

“You can tell that he loves the students because every time you walk in the library he greets you and talks to you very nice. He is very welcoming,” Dovalina added.

She not only likes the decorations but she enjoys the feeling she gets when she enters the library.

“I feel like he cares so much about each of the seasons because not all librarians like to decorate for each of the seasons but Mr. Gloria likes to stand out,” Dovalina said.

“Mr. Gloria is a very good man. He is very caring and I love the way he treats all the students here at VMT,” Dovalina added.

Dafne Naranjo, a junior, said she enjoys Gloria’s decorations.

“They are all cute and adorable,” Naranjo said.

She said Gloria is very nice and thoughtful.

“He is just a sweet guy to everyone and he really cares about us,” Naranjo said.

The holiday that she enjoys the most at the VMT library is Halloween.

“I just love all the little pumpkins and scarecrows,” Naranjo said.

“I like Mr. Gloria because he lights up my days with his cheerful welcoming attitude,” Naranjo said.