Recruiters help create a new beginning for 8th graders

Javier Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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8th graders were invited to see the different Magnets and Early Colleges at Memorial Middle School.

It’s January 31, 2019 and LISD is hosting an event that showcases different schools to the incoming freshman.

This event was held at Memorial Middle School, and two middle schools saw what the program was about. Memorial students had their session before lunch and Lamar was the other school to come after lunch.

Events were also held at Cigarroa and Christen Middle schools on February 1.

When the program started the first schools to talk were about the early colleges. These schools are attractive because they reward you with college credit and a associate degree. Many of the 8th graders seemed to join because of the presentation the early colleges did. Miguel Flores, Lamar 8th grader, explained about how he wanted to join Hector J. Garcia Early College H.S.

“I wanted to join this school when they announced it because it’s interesting and challenging and I know that I can succeed,” Flores said.

VMT presented in the middle of the program, and it stood out more with the performance of Groupo Jarocho. Theatre Department head Vernon Carroll introduced every booth that VMT had.

Right after the presentation middle school students had the chance to visit the booths and see what else the schools had. Luis Lopez, Lamar 8th grader, explained why he liked VMT.

“I decided to join VMT because it the only school that has my interest and also experience what else this school has to offer,” Lopez said. Lopez said he was interested in drum instruction.

Preston Salazar, a student at Sabas Perez School for Engineering and Technology Education, explained what he thought of recruiting.

“This year, recruiting was more enjoyable since we had more students and we were able to communicate more about our school,” Salazar said.