Podcasters hope to make a difference for local artists

Kassandra Garcia, Staff Writer

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It’s always “100 percent” with podcasters Josh Castillo and Roger Ramirez.

Castillo, 25 years old, and Ramirez, 26 years old, may have not started off together but now are helping inspire young artists by using a podcast.

Roger describes it as “A platform by and for Laredo artists.”

They presented a session on podcasting at the recent Laredo Media and Film Festival, at VMT.

These two inspiring podcasters describe themselves as funny, homies, friends, and humors when together.

During the interviews, they tend to finish each other’s thoughts and sentences.

These two young men have a podcast together named Aliens on The Border that mainly focuses on drawing spotlight to young artists in Laredo, Texas.

“It’s a spotlight for talent,” Ramirez said.

They try to stay as natural as possible meaning that they don’t have scripts or edit any content.

They tend to have a diverse selection of guests, they explained. For example, they interview tattoo artists, restaurant/bar owners, musicians, and others.

Just like every artist, podcaster, show, or person they must go through some struggles along the way. For example, as of right now they deal with the struggles of finding a permanent location and working podcasting into their schedules.

Although podcasting is tough, they have experienced quite a bit. That includes the way they interview and talk. Also, they revealed that they are less awkward now than they were before.

According to them, they would like to expand the audience that Aliens on the Border have. They would also like to make a living out podcasting and be able to do it full time.

Although they have different views on political talks they do include the content. Yet they try to not include much to make sure to not get hate or judged for their opinions.

According to Castillo, Aliens on the Border is meant to “Question your mind.”

Although they do try to motivate you to seek your goals and dreams. They also try to convey to their audience to not forget their origins, where they came from, and their culture.

They both agreed that’s “Laredo is different and special.”

They also convey to their audience that they have a voice and that it’s up to them to use it and share with the public their opinions.

“Don’t ignore the 4th dimension,” Rodriguez said.