United South student manages band and soccer at the same time

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Jairo Aparicio’s passion is soccer and band, but it was band that caused him to change schools.

Aparicio is a band and soccer player at United South High School. He used to go to Lyndon B. Johnson High School, but he changed schools so he could have a better opportunity to get into competitions in band.

Mostly in band it was really hard for people not to feel pressured and because of that a lot of students quit or didn’t qualify. Jairo didn’t attend band practice for a while because his old school didn’t recognize him and his hard work, but when he changed schools and joined band it was hard for him to get used to everything again.

One of his teachers, also the soccer team coach, asked him what his favorite sport is and when Jairo answered soccer his teacher gave him a spot in the soccer team without trying out.

“All of this was a blessing in disguise,” said Aparicio. “When there is an opportunity you should take it.”

What Jairo likes about band is mostly marching and concert season because of the idea of listening to the beautiful sound of the different chords. Another thing he really likes about being in band is learning and observing the different techniques of vibrato.

The instrument he plays is the trombone. The trombone is a hard instrument to play while marching, he said. Having to play that instrument means that one has to get used to being pointed out in front of everyone when something isn’t done right. It gives people the pressure of playing and doing everything right.

“You can’t understand unless you have experience in it,” said Aparicio.

Jairo’s motivation to join band was to play an instrument, but it was hard for him to continue because his band directors exhibited him in front of the other students. He debated whether to stay in band or drop out.

His motivation for soccer is the passion he has for it. He liked that with soccer he got to experience it with others and play together as a team and in band he didn’t get that. In band, musicians played alone. What he likes about soccer is the fact that it isn’t all about physical. He sees how different people play and not focus on how fit they are because they focus only on their techniques.

“Since I was small I used to love playing with a ball and keeping up with my technique,” Aparicio said.

His position on his soccer team is manager, to understand and see how the team works. Because he is a manager he is in charge to help out his teammates and everyone else; he has to get used to doing a lot even when he’s tired.

His first match was against LBJ, he didn’t think he did very well but the effort he made was enough. Recently, he played left mid (left mid means he helps attack or defend his teammates during a match) during his first match.

Because he has two activities at United South he said he gets stressed and most of the time he has to choose which one he will attend. He usually chooses soccer most of the time which actually gets his band director angry. His director expects much from him even though he is not perfect. Because of all the pressure, he lost his passion for music which is causing him to plan to drop out of band and continue in soccer full time.

“Hard work isn’t an option, it’s a passion,” Aparicio said.