Car club members ride to success at parade

Jovan Contreras, Staff writer

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Winning a car show and being in the recent parade are two highlights of the No Limits Car Club.

VitalMed Urgent Care sponsors an annual car show, the WBCA Pipes & Strips Car Show, which took place February 16.

Winners of the car show are eligible to participate in the Washington’s birthday parade.

The club in Laredo decided that taking part in the parade would be their goal and that was its target for early 2019, but first it needed to win a category in the WBCA Pipes & Stripes car show.

So No Limits Car Club members decided to target most club participants category.

Taking part in the parade and being able to represent Laredo makes you feel so honored.”

— Oscar Vasquez

Alfonso Villarreal, the president of No Limits, said members “wanted to change” Laredo’s car scene by “contributing to the community.”

Villarreal choose the career path of auto technology based on his “love for cars,” and studies Automotive Technology at Laredo College.

His idols are, Mr. Carroll Shelby, Richard Rawlings, Henry Ford, who are praised in all car communities for being American automotive designers, racing drivers, and entrepreneurs.

Due to the inspiration from one of his idols, Henry Ford, his recent car project was a 54’ Ford Victoria.

Villarreal started the No Limits Car Club March 5, 2018.

The general Idea of the club is “to make new friends, meet people and have fun helping the community,” Villarreal said.

“No limits members they are like brothers, it’s like a small family,” Villarreal said. “We aren’t just a club, we’re a family helping one another and helping better Laredo’s community.”

On February 16, 2019, No Limits won the “most club participants” so it made an appearance in the 122nd Washington’s Birthday Celebration Parade in Laredo.

No Limits had 41 members entered, and beat Street Warriors’ 3-year win streak.

The mood was so uplifting and everybody in the club was so happy, including Villarreal.

No limits members they are like brothers, it’s like a small family.”

— Alfonso Villarreal

On February 23, 2019, No Limits made an appearance as entry 33 on the Washington’s Birthday parade.

The goal at the parade was to give out chains that had links to the club social media pages in hopes for getting more followers on social media and possibly recruit members.

Villarreal felt excited being able to take part in the parade with his members on his side. He felt somewhat awkward due to not being used to being in the middle of attention.

He said just about anyone can join No Limits “as long as they like cars and get along with other car enthusiasts.”

To join just simply “come to the meets” which take place at Pep Boys on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

The most recent event was a fundraiser for a members’ niece that had passed away due to a life-threating disease.

“The biggest success is not a trophy but an accomplishment,” Villarreal said.

He said usually a club at times tends to fall apart or be divided but not No Limits. There’s always people to recruit.

The clubs awards are based on mostly club participants.

Plans for the year include the Teddy Bear Drive which takes place in the fall.

The Teddy Bear Drive is an event made by a club known as Malicious Motorsport in Laredo. The event is aimed towards children with traumatic experiences. In that case teddy bears are donated to comfort those in need of help or support.

Villarreal envisions No Limits to be expanded to Mexico, and also expects more people to become members.

Oscar Vasquez, a member, having been taken part in the parade 4 years in high school, still felt nervous.

“It’s good to watch the parade but it’s different because of assignment,” Vasquez said.

“Personally, I was in band before but this time instead of focusing on the music and marching I was able to capture people’s smiles, reaction and the mood feels so different. Taking part in the parade and being able to represent Laredo makes you feel so honored,” Vasquez added.