Editorial: It’s important to clean the Rio Grande

Angie Bravo, Editorial Writer

Pollution is everywhere. A polluted river close to home named the Rio Grande suffers from great damage from the pollutants it has had to endure throughout many years. Everything we do around the river can and will affect it. Something as simple as dropping a candy wrapper in or near the river will only feed to the already present pollution. Unfortunately, it’s come to the point where there was a report stating the pollution in the river caused a fatal illness.

On July 23, 2016, a 13 year old died after swimming in the river with two of his friends. His friends became ill but they survived. The young boy died of meningo encephalitis caused by a deadly amoeba in the Rio Grande. Sometime later, The United States Environmental Protection Agency provided $352,000 grant to study water and the fish in it. This unfortunate situation is not to be taken lightly; the pollution has gotten so bad that a child died because of the pollution in the river. After the incident, swimming was completely and rightfully banned from the river.

Now more than ever, we should push towards working for a cleaner future for our river.

Dangerously high levels of E.coli have been detected frequently in the river. E.coli is found when someone or something comes in contact either human or animal feces. Because we have let our river suffer with as much pollution as it has throughout the years, its E.coli levels are higher than they’ve ever been. We must get our community together an act as quickly as possible so no more lives are lost.

On July 23, 2016, a 13 year old died after swimming in the river with two of his friends.”

In 2003, NADBank (North American Development Bank) provided $42 million in loans and grants to improve the quality of the river water flowing by Matamoros. NADBank had previously funded over 100 projects that have helped prevent sewage water from being dumped into rivers like the Rio Grande. Unfortunately, before the water treatment facility in Matamoros, Mexico, across from Brownsville, Texas, was completed in 2008, untreated sewage water would be dumped into the Rio Grande, flow through Matamoros and eventually end up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Not only is our river polluted but it’s also a simple eye-sore. We need to strive to make Laredo as beautiful as possible and by cleaning it up we will be helping Laredo’s aesthetic while simultaneously improving wildlife in or around the river. We have let far too much pollution contaminate our Rio Grande, which is where we happen to derive our drinking water from. For the better of us all, let’s create a cleaner environment for us and future generations to come.