Debatable: Law should allow the recreational use of pot


The Magnet Tribune: Magnet Tribune online poll

The results of The Magnet Tribune's online poll show the majority of respondents approve the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Angie Bravo, Staff Writer

The debate of legalizing the devil’s lettuce has been going on for years. In the United States, over 20 states have legalized medical marijuana but only seven states and the District of Columbia have legal recreational marijuana.

Legal consumption of recreational marijuana would bring significant positive effects in various forms.

For starters, legalization would bring in major revenue boost to states. As of now, Colorado has collected a bit over half a billion dollars from retail sales of medical and recreational marijuana; recreational marijuana has brought in the majority of the money. With Colorado’s legal marijuana market producing millions in sales, other states could take this into account and use it as a push to legalize recreational marijuana. This money has been used to bring in more funding for schools, and other states should model these acts.

Aside from bringing in millions, recreational marijuana would impact law enforcement positively by enabling officers to focus on significant crimes. In the state of Oregon for example, a person can legally carry an ounce of marijuana in public; prior to legalization, of course, people would get arrested for a gram and thereby law enforcement would waste time and resources on a minor crime. Legalization of recreational marijuana means money wasted on minor crimes will now be invested in actual felonies.

However, the monetary and medical benefits recreational marijuana would bring should be valued if the U.S. were to legalize it nationally.”

— Angie Bravo

Moreover, marijuana has been found to possess several positive medical benefits, hence 20 out of 50 states having medical marijuana available. It is apparent, however, that another 30 states still have to be persuaded to allow the use of medical and recreational marijuana.

Cannabis has been found to have beneficial effects for the treatments for Alzheimer’s, cancer and epilepsy. With readily available marijuana, many will have an easier time treating their health problems. Having 30 states out of 50 go without the medical benefits of marijuana means there are health issues that have not been treated effectively. The consumption of cannabis can stop a seizure in a matter of seconds and the fact that so many people have been excluded from these benefits means the United States has to take a progressive footstep in the right direction and legalize cannabis.

Unfortunately, conservative states, such as Texas, would more than likely protest the decriminalization of marijuana or try to oppress its use. However, the monetary and medical benefits recreational marijuana would bring should be valued if the U.S. were to legalize it nationally. Aside from treating a multitude of conditions, the authorization to use marijuana would be a great money maker for the United States, which is a priority at all times. Although a wave of conservatism has been brought on by the Republican Trump administration, progressive actions must be taken for America’s benefit; recreational marijuana must be legalized.