Observations: Opinions clash in abortion debate

Should abortion be legal?


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A Catholic priest stands next to a protester at a rally at the 2017 March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Aryanna Rodriguez, Observations Columnist

The terms “Pro-choice” and “Pro-life” both come down to mean whether someone thinks abortion should be banned or should be acceptable. There are many arguments currently going on about abortion and what should be done about it.

Someone who is “Pro-life” believes that the government has the power to stop people from aborting a fetus. People who are “Pro-life” oppose abortion and euthanasia. They believe that abortion is the taking of a human life, rather than an issue concerning the restriction of women’s reproductive rights.

The “Pro-life” movement argues that even an undeveloped human life is important and must be protected by the government. They trust that abortion should not be legal and believe that life begins at conception, therefore unborn babies are human beings with the right to live.

Unborn babies should not be terminated because a women is not ready to have that kind of responsibility. Instead, I believe that women should be more open to the idea of adoption because it is something that is way better than abortion.”

— Aryanna Rodriguez

Someone who is “Pro-choice” advocates legalized abortion. They believe that individuals have unlimited freedom with respect to their own reproductive systems. Individuals who are “Pro-choice” believe in celibacy, abstinence, contraception use, emergency contraception use, and abortion.

The “Pro-choice” movement argues that the government does not have the right to get in the way of a woman’s decision to terminate the pregnancy. They believe that reproductive choice empowers women by giving them control over their own bodies. They agree that women should have the right to terminate their pregnancy especially if a woman believes she is not financially, and personally stable.

For me, I do not believe that abortion should be legal for many reasons. Many women believe that it is a quick, painless solution to an unplanned pregnancy. I do not think that women should be able to use abortion as a form of contraception. There are many reasons women may want to have abortions but that is one of the reasons I definitely do not agree with. In my opinion, it is inconsiderate for women to kill their unborn baby for convenience.

As stated in an analysis in the guttmacher website the research into U.S. women’s reasons for having abortions have been limited. Unreadiness to parent was the reason most often given for having an abortion, followed by lack of financial resources and absence of a partner. It is understandable that women may not be financially stable or ready for a baby; however, I do not think that killing an unborn baby is the answer. There are alternative options to abortion. For instance, there is adoption.

When faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, many women are overwhelmed because they may not be ready. That can sometimes make women rush into an abortion before they have explored all their options because they are desperate for a fast and easy solution.

In fact, according to an article written in the American adoptions webpage, for every 149 women who choose abortion, only one woman chooses adoption. In my opinion, that shows that most women don’t consider adoption as an option. Unborn babies should not be terminated because a woman is not ready to have that kind of responsibility. Instead, I believe that women should be more open to the idea of adoption because it is something that is way better than abortion.