Thoughtful Thursday: Living life to the fullest


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

The writer is admiring the Full Cold Moon of 2017

Zoe Alvarez, Thoughtful Thursday columnist

Am I going to get in trouble? Definitely. Am I going to regret it? Not at all.

Some say it’s best to eat healthy all your life, so it’ll do you good in the long run. We all have our time in the end so is it worth it? Is it worth not enjoying life’s unhealthy pleasures? You may live your life being healthy and staying out of trouble. But, once you’re 80 will you look back and think about being the good, safe, healthy person? No stories of “when I was in high school” or “I loved to eat candies and drink sodas.”

Yeah, it’s bad for you but it’s also good for you and your happiness. So drink the soda, eat Whataburger. Whatever you’d like. It’s your life. You have the choice of living a long dull life or living a not so long but full of stories, experiences, moments, and enjoyment type of life. Personally, I would much rather live a not so long life filled with late nights, good eats, and fun rebellious times, than a long life filled with dull food and following the rules thus creating uninteresting memories.

No matter what you do you’ll someday pass on. Eating healthy and being a goody two shoes only lengthens life, not keeps it going on forever and ever. My philosophy is to do whatever you want that makes you happy and life much more enjoyable. Yes, it’s unhealthy to eat those nuggets and fries but trust me I’m going to die anyway regardless of my chicken nuggets choice or opting for a salad instead. So I could care less about the salad. I knew I enjoyed those nuggets, that’s really all that matters. I’ve given myself the simple pleasures in life that make me happy. I’m not going to regret that.

I’m not going to regret that bubble tea that made me nauseous because I love bubble tea. I’m not going to regret all that fast-food I’ve had in my life because let’s face it, I love fast-food. I’m not going to regret those many late nights. I had tons of fun texting friends, spending time with family, and binge-watching Netflix. I’m not going to regret going to back-to-back concerts because I was incredibly exhausted. Come on how often can you say you’ve done back-to-back concerts?

I’m not going to regret not going to school in “proper” dress code. I spiced up my green and yellow attire making going to school much more interesting. You won’t regret all those fun times you had because that’s what spiced up life. It’s what made life the crazy exciting thing it is. This is where the “you only live once” comes to play. Let loose and do something rebellious. Give yourself memories that you will cherish forever.

I’m not saying you should go do something illegal or harmful to yourself or others. I’m saying you should do things you wouldn’t normally do. There’s so much to experience and live but we don’t because we are tied down to expectations, rules, and lifestyles. Some people even fear change, taking a risk, or stepping out of their comfort zone. This leads to a lackluster life that we do not want to live. Live life to its fullest. Soon enough you’ll realize how enjoyable life really is.

Song for today: Heatwave by Wild Ones