Experiences: Wearing makeup is a choice, not a requirement

Lucero Rea, Experiences columnist

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Usually starting at adolescence, I started showing interest about my appearance. An abundance of makeup tutorials on social media were stuck into my head and as new trends would come out, it was a challenge to keep up with them throughout the years.

However, it gets tiring to wake up early every morning for school or work to put some makeup on and to spend a massive amount of money for makeup products. Doing a makeup routine in the morning takes up a lot of time, only to have to change my look on a daily basis.

Makeup gives me feel that inner confidence; however, makeup is not necessary, and I know for a fact I could even survive a day without wearing any. To deliberately not wear makeup to be someone “courageous” reinforces the modern beauty ideals in society.

If I enjoy wearing makeup then I should not be questioned when I can do whatever I desire, including not wearing makeup”

— Lucero Rea

Makeup is definitely a choice, whether I want to use it or not; nonetheless, society has depicted makeup to be an essential tool. Women with employment are expected to put makeup on to look presentable. Regardless of the impact that it can make in a professional area no one should be pressured to wear makeup on days individuals do not want to wear it.

My daily routine includes a makeup routine and I should definitely give myself a break from makeup for at least one day; I want to be fearless and go natural. At the end of the day, no one has the absolute right to judge my appearance because I am wearing makeup or not.

The most common things that come out from a boy’s mouth in high school is either “you don’t need makeup” or “that is too much makeup”; however, usually when a girl does not wear makeup for a day ruthless people start bombarding her with negative comments such as “are you sick?”

If I enjoy wearing makeup then I should not be questioned when I can do whatever I desire, including not wearing makeup. However, it is important that individuals don’t get pressured to transform their looks in any type of way and even if certain individuals are still not ready to stop doing their makeup routines, we should all inspire each other to get out of our comfort zone and go natural at least once in a while.

Each day without the use of foundation and lipstick allows me to feel more confident in my own skin. Change brings a completely new perception and encourages me to something new and that is why individuals out there should ditch makeup once in a while to better their skin and confidence.