Thoughtful Thursday: Drinking tea

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Thoughtful Thursday: Drinking tea

Zoe Alvarez, Staff writer

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I remember as a child my grandma would make me a tea she called “Te de Manzanilla.” I believe it was chamomile with honey. It was one of my favorite things as a child. She gave made that manzanilla before bed or after I would come back from swimming. Those were lovely nights. It was specially made and tasted so good. It may have been the honey that made it sweet, maybe even my grandmother’s love.

A habit I picked up the second semester of my sophomore year is drinking tea in the mornings. I would love to drink tea in my morning classes. Chemistry was my tea class. In the mornings I recommend mint, chamomile, and raspberry tea, they are my morning tea choices. On cold days I loved to hold the warm yeti-cup in my hands as I take a sip of warm tea. Those are the little things that bring me happiness and content. It keeps me relaxed yet alert in class. It especially puts me in a good mood and prepares me for the rest of the day.

Besides drinking tea in the morning classes, I enjoy tea during my class lectures. Nothing fulfills me like some tea and a great lecture. I can vividly remember my government professor explaining public opinions and voting outcomes while I drank berry tea. It’s a little treat that I take pleasure in. Now I take tea to my AP History teacher’s lectures. I love to learn about Free Enterprise while drinking mint tea.

My junior year government class was full of long nights of studying. I enjoy studying and took it with a nice cup of tea. I went from everything from fruity to minty to lavender. It helped me unwind and take leisure in my studying. It made making reviews and reading chapters of government structures bearable. I did this every single night. I always had a cup of tea by my side when I studied. Even now that remains, I consider it my way of life, one I quite like.

I always found joy in making tea; it is a little thing that lightens my mood. Every time I make a tea for myself, which is quite often, I offer my mother and father to some as well. From the times I have, I learned my father enjoys Earl Grey with a teaspoon on honey, and my mother any tea she has on her mind with a teaspoon of honey. Before bed or when she reads I like to make her lavender tea to help ease her mind. I like to help my parents unwind with a cup of tea whenever I can. In the mornings I make my father Earl Grey tea that he takes to work to drink. He always tells me how much he enjoyed his morning with good music playing, a breakfast bar, and his Earl Grey tea.

I take pleasure in the small things. Tea before bed is definitely one of them. I enjoy the peace and relaxation it brings me. It’s my favorite way to end the day. Before bed, I always take chamomile or lavender. I find it’s a nice way to unwind.

These are the little fulfilling things in life.

Song for today: Road Head by Japanese Breakfast