Observations: The pros of the death penalty


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In the debate between pro and anti-death penalty groups, the writer argues for the death penalty.

Aryanna Rodriguez, Observations columnist

This is senior Aryanna Rodriguez’s final column in The Magnet Tribune’s online edition.

The death penalty has been a part of America’s justice system for a long time now, and as of today, it is legal in 30 US states. Capital punishment is a much talked about topic because there are individuals who support it and others who are against it. Some argue that the death penalty should not be allowed because some consider it unconstitutional. Others say that capital punishment is a good way to get justice and in a lo of cases helps gives closure to the family.

In my opinion, the death penalty should be allowed because it prevents future crime in the way that it is an effective deterrent, it is a good way of retribution, and it is a good way for the victim’s family to get closure.

The death penalty is an effective deterrent because it is a punishment that has the potential to discourage future criminals from committing misconduct. Since there is a lot of interest in preventing future murders from taking place, the strongest punishment available should be used to deter it. If the death penalty is given to murderers in jail it can make potential murderers think twice about committing a crime as serious as killing someone. This might not stop every potential murderer but it will definitely stop some as they fear to lose their life. In addition, the death penalty certainly deters the murderer who is executed which is important because it prevents them from possibly getting out of jail and committing any more murders, and it helps give the victim’s family closure.

In my opinion, closure to a victim’s family is extremely important because it is a way in which they are able to move on. Also, sentencing the criminal to the death penalty can help the family feel safe from something happening to them by the same person who harmed their loved one. Closure allows the family to cope with the situation and not have to look or think about the murderer ever again if he is placed in the death penalty. In my opinion, sentencing the murderer to death is a good way not only for families to get closure, but also a good way of retribution.

Closure to a victim’s family is extremely important because it is a way in which they are able to move on.”

— Aryanna Rodriguez

When someone takes the life of another person in a heinous way there is no right way to get justice, but there is a way to show that taking the life of another person is intolerable and has major consequences. With this said, capital punishment is a great way for society to show that murder is a crime that will not be tolerated and will be punished for in a justice way. It is also a good way of retribution because by putting the killer in a death sentence he will not be able to lie in some prison with three meals a day, clean sheets, and air conditioning.

Capital punishment should definitely not be taken away because in my opinion, it is a good way of justice, a good way for a family to get closure, and it prevents potential murderers to commit a crime in the future, it is a good way to get retribution, and it is an effective deterrent. In addition, there are many criminals who are found guilty who do not deserve the right to a shorter sentence with the possibility of getting out later in life.