A girl can do whatever she wants to do…

Emily Garza, Staff Writer

A girl should not have to worry about the people she has in her life. Nowadays, girls are judged whether they have guys as their only friends or if they remove guys from their life, as well. From personal experience, I have seen girls who get so much bad rep from other people because they have guy friends. It could be a girl and guy walking as friends but people assume they are dating. Also when people see a girl rejecting guys, they think bad of her since she does not give them a chance, when in reality the girl simply does not want to date. I have been through that situation before where I don’t want to have a relationship with anyone, but guys either want to force it or make you feel bad for not wanting anything with them. Being the person that I am, I still allow the guy to be in my life as a friend, but some don’t want that and nag and nag about being in a relationship. If the girl says no to a guy, she has her reasons for her response. Also, if the girl decides to say no to one guy but yes to another, that’s fine as well because it is what the girl wants. Just because you are trying so hard to get to one girl and you keep trying, but you see her paying attention to another guy then you should not make the girl feel guilty for talking to the other guy because again it is what the girl wants. If a girl chooses to not have a specific person in her life that’s fine and no one should have the right to judge. Whether it is because she prefers that guy instead of the other, if one guy didn’t try at all and the other guy did, it is fine. A girl should be able to decide who she wants to be with.

Sadly, people always have opinions about your life. People are going to tell you that you’re mean since you rejected them, that you seem like a girl who goes from guy to guy since you have guy friends, etc. People make it seem like they know everything about your life yet don’t know anything. Rumors go around about you having a boyfriend yet you haven’t had one in over three years. People are always going to have something to say since they see you doing great in your life. Since you are showing happiness and joy people are always going to find a way to take that away from you.

Another point is that a girl should be able to compliment someone without it being called flirting. She shouldn’t have to worry whether the guy tells other people, “She flirted with me.” Complimenting a guy shouldn’t go straight to being called flirting. That concept should also go vice versa with guys. A guy should be able to say, “Hey, you look good today,” without people thinking he likes a girl. People are always going to be quick to judge with anything that you do with your life. I have learned up to this point to not care about what anyone says and to enjoy my own life. Others can be so concerned about someone else’s life and not focus on theirs, which is what they’re supposed to be doing. Focusing on your life is one of the most important things you need to do. Loving yourself and doing things for you is going to make you want more for yourself and see your self-worth. Everything you do whether it’s going to college seven hours away from home, staying single, finding a new hobby, do it for your own  happiness.