Let’s talk politics: Electoral College

Brianna Pineda, Staff Writer

Whether the Electoral College should be abolished or not has been one of the major topics of politics for the past three years with democrats believing that it should be abolished and the republicans believing otherwise. Republicans have defended the Electoral College since the Democrats started talking about shutting it down in 2016.

For those of you that don’t know about the Electoral College, let me explain. The Electoral College is a group of representatives from each state who elect the president for the next four years. They are supposed to cast their vote by the majority vote of the state. The Electoral College is a part of the constitution; to be exact Article 2 Section 1 and Amendment 12.

The reason the Democrats want do be done with the Electoral College is because the representatives  don’t always cast the majority vote of their state, but instead cast their vote for who they personally believe should be president. This goes against what the Electoral College was made for. Another reason is because the elected president is chosen by the Electoral College instead of the people’s popular vote. A good example of these two things would be the election of 2016.

When the Democrats spoke out about the Electoral College, Republicans came out and said that it was a “work of genius” and President Donald Trump said that the Electoral College was good for the U.S. Trump also mentioned that if it were to be abolished, the small states would lose their vote. Now, this seems really sketchy because he has never really shown any concern for things like this, and since most of the bigger states are republican states, shouldn’t he want the Electoral College abolished? Democrats then responded with the fact that the Electoral College delegitimizes the political system.

Recently, Elizabeth Warren is one of the Democrats that has been vocal about the abolishment of the Electoral College. She has brought up the topic during the Democratic debates. Elizabeth is one of the top three Democratic candidates for the election, and since she has been vocal about this, chances are she would put this movement into action.

I am in full agreement with the Democrat party because the Electoral College has taken and will continue to take away the people’s vote. Even though millions of Americans go out of their way to stop and vote, the Electoral College just declares them invalid. Of course, that is just my opinion as we are all entitled to our political opinions and questions. Now the question has been set. Should the Electoral College be abolished? You decide how you see it.