Let’s talk politics: Death Penalty

Brianna Pineda, Staff Writer

The death penalty first began in 1608, and still exists in 29 states in America. Most of the 29 states that have not abolished the death penalty are mainly Republican. The states in favor of the death penalty say that it is only given to suspects allegedly committed a heinous crime. 

If only the people who really did commit heinous crimes were given the death penalty, then why is it that since 1973, 156 people on death row have been proven innocent? There have also been many death penalty cases that have been overturned because it was later found that the defendant was innocent. Now that’s a pretty big number of people who were wrongly convicted and given the death penalty then released. However, the number of people who were proven innocent after their execution is twice as much. 

People argue that the death penalty is justifiable, but I see no justification in taking anyone’s life away, no matter what they did. If that was the case, then why have any type of court system at all? We could just execute everyone that has been convicted of a crime even when we are not sure, since the reason behind the death penalty is getting rid of unpleasant people. Now, just to clarify, the victims and their families have a right to want justice, but the death penalty isn’t the way.

Instead of giving the death penalty for such crimes, the courts should apply a life solitary confinement sentence. A solitary confinement sentence will let the accused think about the horrible thing or things they have done, and if the accused is innocent he or she will have the opportunity of seeing the light of day again someday. For those who did commit heinous crimes, they will have the opportunity to spend a lifetime alone to think about the horrible thing or things that he or she have done. Because we all know that life isn’t much if you have no one to share it with and nothing to show for it. 

The way I see it, the death penalty is immoral and irrational. There is no need for the death penalty in our country. We have no right to take away a person’s life no matter what because the only difference between a public executioner and a murderer is that one is claimed to be legal.  A solitary confinement sentence is a better sentence in the sense that it is moral, rational, and obeys the eighth amendment and human rights. However, of course, that is my perspective, so that’s the way I think and feel about this topic. 

As always, you decide how you see it.