Spotlight: Vaping and its consequences

Mauro Flores, Spotlight Columnist

450 cases of lung illnesses potentially linked to vaping have been reported in the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with at least six confirmed deaths in connection to vaping-related illnesses.

A teenager Adam Hergenreder said vaping gave him lungs “like a 70-year-old” and is suing a leading e-cigarettes company.

In the span of just 18 months using Juul, he managed to obtain old and weak lungs like those of a 70-year-old.

This is really an issue that hasn’t been given too much attention but should because it involves the young community.

Every time I go on my social media accounts, like Snapchat, I see someone posting a pic of an e-cigarette. Of course, someone between my age group.

It is sad to think about how many people are ruining their lives by using vapes and e-cigarettes. They don’t seem harmful, but look at Adam and what happened to him.

Imagine what could happen to Adam if he keeps vaping. In the long run, his lungs could just be too damaged and eventually, he may need lung transplants in his 20s. That is too young for a boy to go through.

Vaping will be the end of teens if they keep consuming it.