Rising Stars: YouTube star creates funny and sarcastic videos


The Magnet Tribune: Twitter

Jack poses for a picture for his Twitter feed.

Maddie Dion, Rising Stars columnist

Jack Baran, known as thatsojack, is known for his funny and sarcastic videos on YouTube.

Jack’s first video was named “Could it be you- H*Wood;” it’s a music video for the song.  For a while he made music videos and the went into other types of videos, like question and answers and making videos with other YouTubers like Jenn Mcallister.

He is also known for his past obsession for One Direction. He would “stalk,” as he would put it, Harry Styles and react to One Directions’ albums when they first came out.

Jack has also been a fashion icon to many because of his style.

Jack was on a recent tour which I was thankful enough to meet him. This tour was called Drop the Mic presented by Fullscreenlive, from Nov. 30 to Dec. 22. The people on this tour with Jack were Ricky Dillon, The Gabbie Show, Andrew Lowe and host Chachi Gonzales; it was the world’s first lip sync tour. When I met Jack and everyone on this tour he was so sweet and nice and tried his hardest to meet everyone after the show which was very nice of him because he nor any of the others had to do that but they did.

I went over to Twitter and made a post saying “If you went To a dtm, drop the mic, show and met Jack and would like to help me please dm, direct message, me I’m writing a column about Jack” and I got a few people to say how Jack was when they met him and what their opinion is on him.

Amilee also known as varsitybaran said, “He was literally an angel. I don’t think I’ve met anyone so happy to meet his fans he just seemed so excited to meet everyone… its really obvious he cares about his fans because at the time, I hadn’t been a Jack account for a couple months but he still knew who I was and stuff like that it was the best experience. My opinion on him I guess he’s the best person ever and I really think he’s underrated.”

She met Jack on Dec. 6, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois.

I also spoke with Maggie, also known as preciousbaran on Twitter, and she said, “He was so so sweet and I got to hug him a couple of times and he seemed very easy to talk to. I showed him the shirt I made him and he said he loved it and he’d follow me if I tweeted it to him. I love Jack so so much and I’ve been watching him for about three years now. I think he’s hilarious and amazing and a very wise person. He just makes me so happy. Whenever I’m upset, I always watch his videos and they always make me smile. He is the sweetest person and I just love him to pieces honestly.”

She met him Dec. 22, 2016, in San Antonio, Texas.

Personally, I love Jack so much and he’s such a good person and he’s so sweet and he makes me really happy. I found out he was going on tour and I asked my mom immediately because I have looked up to him for so long and he just has a huge impact in my life. I also met him the same day and in the same city. I drove 3 hours to get there but it was worth it and it was the best day of my life. Through Jack I have made many new friends all over the country and it’s a really cool thing.

Jack was born in Fairfield, Connecticut, on Jan. 13, 1997, and is an icon to many. He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 1.1 million followers on Twitter, and 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube. On YouTube, Jack has made 254 videos in a span of 7 years, meaning his first video was uploaded on June 29, 2010, but he created his channel on May 25, 2010.

Jack has come such a long way since his first video and it’s so cute to see him grow like he has. All of his fans are so proud of him and thank him so much for what he has done for us, his fans.