Rising Stars: Collab channel is gaining millions of subscribers

The Magnet Tribune: Twitter
Picture from Kian and Jc's Twitter account.

Maddie Dion, Rising Stars columnist

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen, also known as Kian and Jc on YouTube, are well known YouTubers. Their first actual video was posted January 19, 2015, called “WAXING BEST FRIEND CHALLENGE”; the other videos were a countdown to the video they were posted January 12, 2015, through January 18, 2015. Over the 2 years of the Kian and Jc channel being created they have made videos everywhere from challenges, question and answers, collabs and now they do daily vlogs that aren’t so daily.

Even though the guys may use foul language in some of their videos they are very funny and just make you smile with their jokes and what they do in the videos.

When I’m upset, I’ll go and watch them on YouTube or if they posted something on Snapchat I will watch it because they never fail to make me smile and happy. Other people are the same way because of their humor; it just cheers you up and seeing them smile makes you smile.

Kian and Jc were formally in a YouTube group called O2L that ended in 2015. This group consisted of Conner Franta that posted on Mondays, Ricky Dillon that posted on Tuesdays, Sam Pottorff that posted on Wednesdays, Jc that posted on Thursdays, Trevor Moran that posted on Fridays and Kian that posted on Saturdays. They all still post on their individual channels, but Kian and Jc still post together on their channel.

They just recently came out with a show called H8TERS with Fullscreen. The series will be available exclusively on Fullscreen, which is priced at $5.99 per month. They also have a book they came out with a book in 2016 called “Kian and Jc: Don’t Try This at Home!” The book talks about their rise to fame, their  future and exclusive photos from them.

Kian and Jc have also gone on tours one: with O2L and the tour for their book. These tours went all over the United States and even overseas. They also sometimes do playlist live and Vidcon.

They have 2,586,556 subscribers on YouTube, 889k followers on Twitter, and 950k followers on Instagram, on Kian and Jc. On their personals Kian has 3,290,116 subscribers on YouTube, 4.14M followers on Twitter, and 4.3M on Instagram, and Jc has 2,782,458 subscribers on YouTube, 4.33M followers on Twitter, and 3.6M followers on Instagram.

Kian was born in Iowa but moved to California when he was five. Kian met Sam Pottorff when he moved to California and they had a channel together on YouTube where they would make videos of them driving around or music videos.

Kian and Jc are very sweet and would do so much for their fans. They have so much love and support and they give the same amount back to their fans.”

— Maddie Dion

Jc was born in San Antonio, Texas, and moved to California for his YouTube career. Jc had multiple channels before O2L and KianandJc but he no longer posts on them as somebody else is posting videos using that name.

Kian and Jc are currently on a break from YouTube until May 22; once they come back they will have three videos a week.

Kian and Jc are very sweet and would do so much for their fans. They have so much love and support and they give the same amount back to their fans.