Rising Stars: Teen YouTube star has burning desire to help in her home country

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Haley Pham has had a YouTube channel since the 3rd grade.

Victoria Hernandez, Rising Stars columnist

Haley Pham is an 18-year-old YouTuber who began her channel when she was just in the 3rd grade. She has two channels which are her main channel and her vlog channel, both of which have 2,066,285 in total. Her content mostly consists of high school vlogs, hauls, car vlogs, transformation videos, and beauty videos. On June 4, 2012, she uploaded her first video titled “Simple,easy pinky spring lip”. Her main motivation to start her channel was to post beauty-related videos.

Pham has always had a passion for video-making and editing. In her ‘what i’ve learned from 7 years on YouTube’ she explained how she was introduced to it.

“Back in 3rd grade, when my dad showed me this app on his phone called iMovie, I was obsessed with making stupid movies and editing them and using freeze frames and then adding music and all of this stuff. I just made the weirdest videos you could ever imagine and there was no purpose for the video I literally just wanted to make a video just so I could edit it and then upload it because that was so fun to me,” she explained.

I’m finally doing what I love and I finally like so happy and motivated to say that this can be my career”

— Haley Pham

Having found success on her biggest passion, it has given her the confidence to do projects in which she loves. In September 2018, she launched her first collection of apparel called ‘girly pop’, which is what she calls her supporters and her whole fan-base is called ‘phamily’.

“Thank you for watching me because I’m finally doing what I love and I finally like so happy and motivated to say that this can be my career and now I have so many ideas that I never thought I could make a reality. I’ve always wanted to make a business but I was never confident enough not to go to college and just start a business. That is terrifying, do you know how much room there is for error, how much learning that I’m gonna have to go through but now with you guys, I’m confident enough to take those risks,” she said.

With having a YouTube channel for so many years, she has been able to have that financial stability, which had made it possible for her to move out when she was just 17 years old.

“I can afford this place literally because of you, this sounds so cheesy but if you weren’t watching this I couldn’t do this, so it is YouTube and working with brands. I’m super duper duper grateful to be here, there’s not like a second that I take this job for granted or my life granted. I realized how privileged I am and I’m not gonna like ever stop working this hard to always you wouldn’t do stuff like this is just crazy. It was always my goal to make a life like this for myself so the fact this is like one of the first steps of that happening is mind-blowing to me,” Pham stated.

In a January video, she was asked questions by her fans, one of the questions being ‘What are your biggest dreams?’

I want to broaden my reach, to actually help people….and make nonprofit foundations and go on mission trips.”

— Haley Pham

“This is an interesting one, I always wanted to make money so that I could give to other people because you can’t really pour from an empty cup. If I was struggling with money then how I was going to help anyone else with their struggles if that makes sense. So I always wanted to make money first off to provide for my family and then once that was out of the way, start providing overseas. Clearly, people overseas have it a lot harder so I always wanted to travel to Africa. More recently what my aunt has brought to my attention is kids in Vietnam because I’m half Vietnamese so it would be a little closer to home. She wants to start a foundation where she helps kids from orphanages get an education and stuff like that. That’s like my end-all-be-all that I feel like is what is so fulfilling to me so whenever I’m older and I’ve made my money and I have my house and I have everything I need, and my family is taken care of. I want to broaden my reach, to actually help people and do things like that and make nonprofit foundations and go on mission trips and that is really what excites me so I never feel guilty about making monetary goals because I’m like it’s going to my family, it’s going to eventually kids out of the country, stuff like that so those are things that drive me every day when I wake up and I make videos. The reason I want to be successful so yeah I’m really excited for all that stuff and I hope that one day whenever I launch something like that, that you guys are excited and supportive of me,” she stated in her ‘why i want to make money’ video.

Pham’s plans for after high school is to become an entrepreneur and start a business while still uploading YouTube videos on her channel. Although she doesn’t plan on going to college, she does believe that education is important.

“Ever since I was younger, I always had businesses and it was pretty clear that I wanted to be kind of entrepreneurial as well as creative. A lot of entrepreneurs just don’t go to college because it’s really not necessary to pay for business school when you could use that money to invest into a business and a lot of people can learn just by doing rather than paying to do it or you can just not go to college and pay for online courses that aren’t as much like that would be like maybe $2,000 instead of like $30,000 a year,” she said in ‘why i’m not going to college’ video.

Pham has striven for success since she was just a teenager, and I would say she is such an inspiration to my generation. Her ambition combined with her goal-oriented mind makes her force to be reckoned with. Like most people her age, she has had her fair share of struggles; her parents divorcing, her mother losing her job, and her financial problems while growing up. Growing through them made her the person she is now, a person who can be looked up to for inspiration that you can overcome your own struggles. At just 18, she has accomplished many things; being nominated for ‘Breakout YouTuber of the Year’ at this year’s Shorty Awards, releasing her online apparel store, and gaining over a million subscribers in 2018 alone.

Pham is an example of the old saying ‘hard work leads to success’.