Death Cab for Cutie Comes to San Antonio for 2019 spring tour


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

Death Cab for Cutie performed at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio, TX for their 2019 spring tour.

Zoe Alvarez, Staff writer

  1. I Dreamt We Spoke Again
  2. Summer Years
  3. The Ghosts of Beverly Drive
  4. Long Division
  5. Title and Registration
  6. Gold Rush
  7. Crooked Teeth
  8. A Movie Script Ending
  9. No Sunlight
  10. What Sarah Said
  11. 60 & Punk
  12. I Will Possess Your Heart
  13. Title Track
  14. Autumn Love
  15. Black Sun
  16. Expo ’86
  17. Northern Lights
  18. Cath
  19. Soul Meets Body
  20. Bixby Canyon Bridge
  21. Encore:
  22. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
  23. When We Drive
  24. Tiny Vessels
  25. Transatlanticism

Death Cab for Cutie began the show with their current hit song “I Dreamt We Spoke Again” from their most recent album Thank You for Today. The crowd was absolutely ecstatic for this song. The lights were of purple and blue hues that matched the color scheme of the synth. Ben Gibbard’s vocals were smooth to every word he sang. I remember swaying back and forth to the chorus and bass. This was the song that one can get lost in. The music was booming, the lights shining in my eyes, the bass so strong I could feel it in my chest. It was incredible that they had us all in their musical trance.

Back to back, they performed songs like “Summer Years,” “The Ghost of Beverly Drive,” “Long Division,” and “Title and Registration.” “Summer Years” was absolutely rich in sound. Smooth vocals calmed the crowd, the pulsating bass gave a heartbeat to the song, the keyboardist’s and guitarist’s individual notes danced around each other creating a dynamic sound. “The Ghost of Beverly Drive” is one of their stronger songs. Lights were flashing as Ben Gibbard sang his heart out to the fans. The bassist and lead guitarist following close behind. My senses were overwhelmed by the intensity of this performance. It had my heart beating rapidly to the energetic chorus. This was definitely one of their louder songs.

“Long Division” and “Title and Registration” were a crowd favorite. These were part of their older albums. People swayed and danced to “Long Division” and began to listen gingerly to “Title and Registration,” which is a much more mellow song. I was left in awe each time. Every song was played with perfection.

The tone of the show then transitioned into a much happier upbeat sound with their songs “Gold Rush” and “Crooked Teeth.” “Gold Rush” was their most recent hit single from their album Thank You for Today. Many danced and sang along with the singer. Others took part in singing background vocals with the guitarist. “Crooked Teeth” was a throwback to their older music. This performance was lively. The vibes were absolutely incredible.

The show continued with older music such as “A Movie Script Ending,” “No Sunlight,” and “What Sarah Said.” “What Sarah Said” was a more emotional performance. This song had heartache and painful experiences in the undertones within the lyrics. It was a teary performance that left the crowd emotional.

The lights dimmed and Ben Gibbard walked up to the edge of the stage bathed in cool purple light. He gave a rather intimate (can I say incredible) performance of “60 & Punk.” Fans stood watching intently as he sang to the audience. It was a calm, bring-you-down-a-level kind of song. This vibe then changed to a more energetic one. There was a single smooth strum on the guitar. The well-known long intro to “I Will Possess Your Heart” began. They performed the entire intro which is almost five minutes long. The highlight of the song was the unique Death Cab for Cutie sound that went into it. This means intensity within the bass, unique sound to the vocals, and a great blend from the keyboard, guitar, and drums. Every chord, key, note, and lyric blended beautifully together to create their well known and loved sound.

They continued with other tracks such as “Title Track,” “Autumn Love,” “Black Sun,” and “Expo ’86.” While the three other tracks were calming and more mellow and joyful, “Black Sun” was a stronger performance. This was the song were the speakers blasted the heavy sound of the bass and guitar. This was when all the lights flashed brightly. It was when everyone was into it. Some may believe Death Cab for Cutie has a light soft sound but this performance proved them wrong.

“Northern Lights,” “Cath,” and “Soul Meets Body” were next on the set list. I adored every single performance. “Northern Lights” had everyone moving along to the song. This one is much more upbeat. The chorus provided lights of many colors all flashing and shining on the band. “Cath” had the crowd pleased at the band’s throwback to their older music. The fans had the time of their lives jamming out to this performance. The guitar intro was my absolute favorite. “Soul Meets Body” was the cherry on top to these three songs. This was an iconic performance. The crowd sang along word per word. I would close my eyes every so often to just listen to every little detail of the song. From the sparkling sound of the intro to the vocals in the chorus.

Then came along “Bixby Bridge Canyon,” “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” and “When We Drive.” These were a part of the mellow calming vibe of Death Cab for Cutie. The encore began with “I Will Follow You Into the Dark,” which is one of their most iconic songs. Ben Gibbard stood alone playing his acoustic guitar. The venue was filled with the sounds of the audience singing along to the song. The feeling of love and sadness were present in every lyric of the song. It was quite an emotional performance.










The show came to a conclusion with their songs “Tiny Vessels, and “Transatlanticism.” These were the songs that put Death Cab for Cutie on the map. Fans sang with along as the band played. The venue was filled with the sound of the guitars and vocals. These songs were the grand closing of the show.

Death Cab for Cutie was in the top three best concerts I’ve been too.