Fans’ imaginations are fanned by fanfiction

The Magnet Tribune:, Creative Commons license
Shawn Mendes

Dafne Naranjo, Staff Writer

There are many fans, mostly girls, who like writing fictional stories (known as fanfiction) about their favorite celebrities, movie(s), band(s), etc.

There are some stories that will turn on the water nobs in your eyes, while other stories will make you mad.

Sometimes these stories can get a little out of hand but non-the-less they are very interesting to read.

Some stories are written to give fans a different insight of their favorite celebrity, movie/show, character, etc. While most stories are supposed to be sweet and heartwarming others tend to be very mature and aggressive for some readers.

When the stories are about an adored band of the fan they usually tend to be about the ‘romances’ between the members. For example, former band, One Direction had/have many ship names in the fandom. Two ship names that stand out the most are Larry Stylinson (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) and Zarry Stalik (Harry Styles and Zayn Malik), although there are a few more ship names these two ‘bro-mances’ are the most controversial ones.

Sometimes these stories consist of girl-romances. An example would be Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui (both are ex-members of the disbanded girl group Fifth Harmony).

Although, sometimes these stories aren’t all about seeing two members, but can be about the band meeting someone the fan came up with.

Not all fanfictions are about a band and its members. Some stories are about two celebrities that the fan really likes together. As an example there are some stories written about Shawn Mendes (singer) and Sabrina Carpenter (actress/singer) being together. Although they only see each other as friends in real life it doesn’t stop their fans from writing about them being together as a couple.

Some stories involve movies and their characters. An example of a movie fanfiction would be The Twilight series. Many fans don’t like Bella Swan (screen-played by Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (screen-played by Robert Pattinson) together, so they write stories without Bella. Sometimes the story is about another character from the same movie and is written just for fun and for the fan’s entertainment.

When a fan writes a fanfiction story they tend to change some things from the person/character they are writing about. If the person is really sweet and charming in real life the fan will sometimes write them out to be rude, un-charismatic, and a player to fit their story. Fanfictions are a fan’s imagination, they are how the fan wishes/imagines the person to be or how they want the movie/show to have gone/been.

Writing fanfictions’ is a fan’s way of expressing themselves. Occasionally the fan will write these stories to check if someone else can relate to them. Other times the fan can get really crazy about what they write and will end up getting reported.

There’s an app called Wattpad where anyone can write stories whether they be fictional, fanfictions, etc. It’s one of the most popular reading/writing apps known among fans.