RTV student interviews special guests for program

The Magnet Tribune: Angie Bravo
Mario Lope, RTV student (right), interviews Eliseo Ceja, Big Buck Country on-air personality (left).

Angie Bravo, Staff Writer

Mario Lopez, sophomore, is a part of the Radio and Television department. There, he interviews guests on a new program called Who’s Who?

Lopez stated he received his position on the show because the instructor, Jamin Teran, asked; however, he personally believes he was a good choice for the show because he is well spoken.

Lopez described the overall experience of interviewing others as being “fantastic” and added, “It’s super fun.”

His biggest challenges when he interviews others are making mistakes and not knowing questions, he said.

Lopez stated that his two most memorable moments were when he interviewed VMT Journalism instructor Mark Webber and former VMT student Eliseo Ceja, now a Big Buck Country (FM 98.1) on-air personality.

Lopez explained why Eliseo Ceja was so memorable to him.

“He’s a good example of what I want to do in the future,” Lopez said.

When it came to how Who’s Who? will help him in the future, Lopez stated, “It’s going to help me in college.”

He added the show and RTV will help him get ready for the college environment.

Lopez explains how he prepares for the show.

“I practice one day before,” he said.

He also gets to know a little bit about the people he’s going to interview beforehand.

For the students who want to interview others, Lopez suggests that one should not have fear and one will mess up but it’s all about practice.

“Just practice and practice,” Lopez noted. “Now that I’m getting experience, I’m getting better.”

Lopez’s biggest suggestion was to simply practice often.

Lastly, Lopez stated the following in regards to those who would want to interview people: “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

To check out Who’s Who? go to YouTube and search for VMT Productions.