New café offers coffee and cappuccino

The Magnet Tribune: Irene Alegria
View from the entrance of Vidal M. Treviño Café Medallión.

Jesus Hernandez, Staff Writer

A new café on campus is now offering coffee and cappuccino.

Café Medallión is now open daily from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. inside the school cafeteria.

“I think this is a great idea for the students because they won’t have to walk or drive far away for a cup of coffee. It’s better for us and better for their safety,” Celia Rodriguez, cafeteria employee, said.

The price for a 12 ounce cup includes $1.00 for a regular coffee, $1.50 for a coffee with flavor and $2.00 for a cappuccino which includes the flavors of grain coffee, caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut.

Other menu items include $2.00 for a Latte, $2.00 for an Expresso, and $2.00 for a Hot Chocolate.

The most popular item on the café’s menu is the cappuccino, Rodriguez said.

The café serves 15 to 20 students daily, another employee said.

“Perhaps we need more promotion for the café. It barely opened and we need everyone to get adjusted to it,” Andrea de Hoyos, cafeteria employee, said.

The weather could be a factor in what the café should serve.

“We sell coffee only for now until the summer. That’s when we start selling smoothies because we want to see what we think is appropriate for the weather,” Rodriguez said.

I really like how they make the coffee in front of you.”

— Mariene Sanchez

When entering the café, a visitor will notice the rich smell of coffee and cappuccino mixed together, with a hint of a classy modern look and feel to the place using large windows and silver trim in the front and a large brick wall at the back.

Students discussed what they thought of the price and products.

“It’s pretty cheap compared to Stripes that charges $4.00,” Louis Leal, sophomore Communication student, said. “It’s pretty great.”

Another student thought the taste could be better.

“The taste is similar to a few drinks I’ve had before, but they could improve (the taste),” Mariene Sanchez, freshman Communication student, said.

She would like to see the menu expanded to include “pastry, bakery items to go with your coffee.”

“I really like how they make the coffee in front of you,” Sanchez added.

Rodriguez said they’re busy before the students arrive.

“The morning is probably the busiest part of the day. When we enter, we start by cleaning the coffee machines making sure every part of it is clean, then we take out the coffee cups and count inventory for the day,” Rodriguez said. “Finally we open the café’s doors and wait for the students to come in.”