Seniors register to become voters


The Magnet Tribune: Manuel Barrera

Mario Lopez focuses on filling out a voter registration form.

Victoria Hernandez, Staff Writer

Seniors heard about the importance of voting at a voter registration drive presentation on Sept. 7.

AP Government instructor Sean Gaynor began the presentation with talking about how important voting in this country and how people’s voices should be heard.

“Voting is very important and serious thing in this country,” he said.

“One very important thing about voting is that people get to hear your voice and your opinion on important matters,” Gaynor said.

Gaynor also added that everyone should be able to register to vote since they have the right to in this country and that they should take the opportunity.

“Half of the battle is getting people to register to vote because if they decide on Election Day to vote that they want to go and vote. If they haven’t done that earlier that step of registering then they are not eligible to vote. I also want to promote good citizenship and encourage them to come and vote,” he said.

“We have that right as citizens and our forebears fought and gave their life so we can have that right. In World War 2, people fought for democracy and people have paid the ultimate sacrifice and that makes it more as a precious right that we shouldn’t take for granted,” Gaynor said.

One senior who was there to register to vote said that voting should be a more important topic in this country.

“I think voting should be a big thing because many people forget that they have a right to vote and that it’s a privilege that we all need and it’s a privilege that we all have. But no one really tends to see it that way,” said senior Gerardo Guerrero.

People have paid the ultimate sacrifice and that makes it more as a precious right that we shouldn’t take for granted”

— Sean Gaynor

Guerrero also stated that being able to vote is a privilege.

“It’s a great thing, you know. Not many people get the right to vote. Some people have to wait till the age of 21 or others die before they even get the chance to be able to vote,” Guerrero stated.

Guerrero also said that the voting age should stay the  age that it is right now.

“The age of 18 is the perfect age to be able to vote since you’re already old enough in this country, at least,” he stated.

VMT teachers and students also went to the home schools and Early College to register seniors there.

Another senior who was also at the voter registration drive said it’s very important because people are choosing someone who’s going to represent them.

“We’re voting for someone who we think is going to represent our best interests and represent our country,” said Ramiro Vallejo.

Vallejo added that the voting age shouldn’t be changed because he believes that 15 years old wouldn’t be able to make a good choice.