New teacher uses music as a way to stand out from his family


The Magnet Tribune: Kayla Gonzalez

New music teacher Ricardo Garza teaches class during a recent 6th block.

Odalys Verastegui, Staff Writer

Music was his way of standing out from his brothers and sisters.

New music teacher Ricardo Garza said he wanted to be his own achiever and be unique in his own way.

“My family wasn’t really music supportive. One of my sisters was a vice principal at Nixon, another sister was the captain of Tigerettes at Martin, and my brother was a football star. I wanted to do something big like they did, so music was my answer,” he said.

The instrument speaks for you.”

— Ricardo Garza

He explained how his music passion started.

“I was approximately 13 years old when I had started playing the drums. In my freshman year of college, I studied engineering tech. I went to TAMIU and University of Texas at Houston. They had asked me if I wanted to double major, so I chose music. I started teaching at age 23. I’ve been teaching for 3 years now,” he added.

He explained how steel drums will still be a part of the drums and percussion program.

“I know that this class used to be called steel drums. I would say that steel drums are popular within the community. I believe steel drums still have a place in the class. It still will be a part of my class,” he added.

Garza explained what he was doing and what clubs he was in before joining VMT.

“I was a head orchestra director, percussion director and I was also a part of the choir. I was also a part of the Martin band. I learned how to play the basics of piano, organ, and know the theory around the guitar,” he said.

For example, when shows go on everyone puts a little part into making it perfect. ”

— Ricardo Garza

Garza replaced former music instructor Carlos Torres, who had been with VMT since it opened in 1993, who retired.

He shared his thoughts on drums.

“Drums was a good escape from my stress and problems, that’s why I loved playing them. Drums can calm you down. They can bring peace. Always make sure to have fun with the instrument. I believe everyone has a voice in the instrument. The instrument speaks for you,” he said.

He added about how he feels about being a part of VMT.

“I love the environment. Everyone is very supportive of each other like a family; the support is always there,” he added. “For example, when shows go on everyone puts a little part into making it perfect. Everyone is very respectful, and I’d say VMT is a fun place for people to express themselves.”