Clinique’s Take the Day Off challenge will help a lot of women


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Lucero Rea, Staff Writer

Clinique, a makeup brand, has given a challenge open to everyone for the month of October, called Take the Day Off challenge.

Clinique has many beauty products, including a cleansing balm called “Take the Day Off”.

The company will be donating $10 per bottle and up to $250,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with individuals simply taking a picture or recording themselves taking off their makeup with their product, Clinique was even giving out free samples to achieve this goal.

VMT students discussed how they felt about the Take the Day Off challenge by Clinique.

“I think that’s a great idea. I mean you’re just using their product to remove your makeup and then they donate,” said junior dance student Miranda Flores.

Flores also described it as a “really good challenge.”

Other students were also in favor of the challenge.

“It’s a pretty good idea especially if it’s going to be donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. It will get a lot of girls to cooperate and participate, especially if they love the brand Clinique or just makeup in general,” said junior Ashley Muñiz.

“I think it’s a really good idea because in doing such a simple action that doesn’t cause any trouble or takes up too much time, it will be donating to such a good cause to help [thousands] of people,” added junior woodwinds student Hector Rodriguez

Although Clinique is donating $10 per bottle, not everyone fully agrees to the challenge.

“It’s nice that they gave out free samples of their makeup remover, but there’s still a bundle of people who might not get a free sample, maybe missed the offer, or just had no idea about it. It’s going for a good cause. Don’t get me wrong, but only $10 out of the huge amount you’re spending. Maybe $20 to $25 would be decent, but that’s the way I see it,” junior Mario Ramos said.

A lot of makeup artists such as Manny Mua and Patrick Starrr uploaded their videos, supporting this cause.

On their videos, they explained how this challenge would be beneficial.

“Let’s change the world because The Breast Cancer Research Foundation knows 275 of the top research minds to fight breast cancer,” Starrr said.

I agree with my classmates 100%, in my opinion out of the many challenges that we have had back then this is one that’s going to impact people in so many astonishing ways. Nonetheless, it’s also true how not everyone received a free sample and have to buy it; however, you can simply buy their product instead of something else for the people who are fighting cancer.