Meeting my idol Jacob Whitesides


Writer is being embraced by Jacob Whitesides.

Maddie Dion, Staff Writer

July 31, 2014. The best day I have had. It was amazing. My mom and I drove up to Austin for a concert just us. It was so much fun. The concert was OMGFest it included Jacob Whitesides, Reed Deming, Grant Landis, Dylan Holland, Alyssa Shouse, and Round2Crew. It was so much fun.

When we arrived it we had to wait for like an hour so we went over to the Starbucks on the corner. After we got the Starbucks, we went back to the venue and waited to go into the concert. When we got to go in, it looked super small, but it was good because it didn’t have a lot of people in there. When the performers would tweet they would talk about the golden ticket, which would let you go backstage after the concert.

When we got into the concert we stood around waiting for the show to start, so when one of the hosts Mac Demy came over and my mom and him started talking, telling him we drove from 3 hours just for the concert. Right there is when something I never thought would happen, happened. Mac pulled out a golden ticket from his back pocket and said “You can’t drive all that way and not meet any of the performers.” Right then my heart stopped. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was going to get to meet my idol, the person that helped me, I was finally getting to meet Jacob Whitesides. I was so happy, I started crying. That was only the beginning of the greatest day.

After this happened, Reed’s mom, and his brother Blake came over to my mom and I and asked to talk to us away from everyone. We went with her and she offered us another golden ticket. I was so happy, but we told her that we already had gotten one. We went back over to the stage area as Alyssa Shouse began to sing Life of the Party, a cover of Shawn Mendes.

The performers got through their sets, then the guy we were waiting for. Jacob Whitesides. It was his turn to perform. The crowd went wild for him to come out. They started a count down. 10…9…8, all the way to 1. When they hit 1, there he was, Jacob was up on stage in front of me.

As much as I loved seeing him perform, I couldn’t wait till the concert ended because I couldn’t wait to meet my idol.

After the concert, they told the people with golden tickets to get lined up at the side of the stage, we all did and we waited to go meet our idols, we got to the back and the first person I saw was Dylan, he opened his arms and I ran into them, his hugs were amazing he just stood there rocking me and holding me, his embrace felt amazing. We met Dylan then we went to Alyssa I hugged her and took a picture, then on to Reed. Meeting him was funny because I awkwardly stood there looking at him in awe because I couldn’t believe I was getting to meet him, we stood there till he said “let’s take a picture.” We took the picture then we went to Grant. His hug was one of the most comforting hugs ever. We talked to Grant and took some pictures, till I saw no one was around Jacob. We went to him, he opened his arms wide and I ran to him, crying. He rubbed my back and just held me. I couldn’t believe the boy I listened to and supported for 2 years before was finally in front of me, hugging me. I was so happy to be hugging him. When he let go of me, he kept his arm around me and my mom, him and I talked about him and his trip to Texas. He told us he hadn’t been to Texas in a while and he enjoyed being there, after that my mom told Jacob she wanted a picture with him because she told him I say he’s my future husband, and Jacob being the funny one he is, said “this is my future mother-in-law?” I stood there and said yes very confidently.

The part that was embarrassing was I opened my phone to get my camera, and Jacob saw my background. It was a picture of him when he was little. He looked at me and asked “is that my fetus picture?” I was so embarrassed that he saw but I told him it was and that he was adorable. Jacob and I took more pictures and talked more, until the security said it was time to go. I wasn’t upset I was still in awe that I got to meet my idols.

When we left the back we went to the side of the building and waiting for Jacob, Reed, Grant, Dylan, Alyssa and Round2Crew get on the tour bus, everyone waved goodbye to them and we all left and went back to our cars.

My mom and I drove back to Laredo and I was in daze the whole time. That Thursday night was the best day of my life and I would go back to that day any day. It was so fun and amazing. I wish I could experience something like that again.