Reflecting first semester

Krysta Robles, Staff Writer

In the short months of school starting, first semester is coming to an end. We still have less than a week until second semester. I am not excited for that. I like my first semester classes, I only have one academic. However, in my second semester schedule, I am taking three academics. Guess who is going to be stressed out? If you guessed me, then you’re absolutely right! Honestly can’t wait for that.

I’m pretty sure that I will not be that stressed out, but I won’t deny the fact that I am not ready for the second semester. I do have friends in my classes and that’s pretty awesome. I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my junior year. I still have to fix one of my classes in the second semester because they gave me a class I had taken my sophomore year.

I am, however, excited for some of my classes – like gym, I’m taking it with cool people, and that’s excited, to be quite honest with you. I’m also excited for physics, I may not be good at science, per say, but I do enjoy learning about it. I love math, will always love math. Ever since elementary; the adding, the subtracting – it always makes me enjoy math. Not a lot of people say the “love” math, but I don’t exactly hate, you know? Math is somewhat the way my mind can uncomplicate things. It really isn’t as hard people make it sound to be. Personally, I enjoy it.

I guess, a new year also means new classes and I’m not against it but I am going to  miss my classes from first semester, honestly wish I had second semester for first and first for second. That would make my life so much easier, honestly.

As I sit here, writing this blog, I notice the people – I love the people I have in my classes, from my electives to my academics. I have friends in all of them and I don’t know if I want to leave that behind, you know? Maybe it’s detachment issues. Anyways, what if I don’t make any friends; I’m going to be a loner. There is nothing wrong about that, truly, but it’s not like me. I may seem loud and overly hyper, but truly I’m a shy girl.

This semester that is coming up also means my best friend is leaving me. Were in the same grade, but starting second semester, she will be starting her senior classes-she’s going to be a senior. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of her; I will always be her number two supporter because her mom is her number one, but will we hang out as much as we did during our high school years together? Will we still keep in touch? I know I may seem over-dramatic and a little bit extra but again, detachment issues. Honestly though, I’m proud of who she is and what she will become in the greater future and I know I will always be proud of her.

Nonetheless, this is high school and of course it counts, but one day it won’t matter. It won’t matter if I didn’t win prom queen or if I didn’t me it to a team. At the end, what matters is who you surround yourself and what you think of you. It’s high school – we are all going to grow up and build a future with whoever we surround ourselves; family and friends, hopefully.