A pinky promise to my friends

My friends and I pinky promising.

Maddie Dion, Staff Writer

People say be careful who you talk to on the internet. Most times this should be followed but I have made my best friends on the internet. Niklaus and Zach are my best friends and are so important to me, I don’t know what I’d do without them. I am so thankful for having them in my life.

Zach and I were friends first, but we had a falling out. However, he’s a brother to me, and my mom said she would adopt him. I look up to him. He tells me not to and that he’s the worst person to look up to, but, he doesn’t realize how much he means to me and how much of a role model he is. He’s so strong and has a good heart. He makes me angry sometimes, but we all have our moments when people make us angry so it’s nothing uncommon. Zach has been through a lot and I look up to him because of the way he has handled it. He can still manage to have a smile on his face.  Zach is one of the sweetest people I know and you can always ask him for advice. It’s advice that helps, unlike how some people give bad advice. Zach is just someone I really look up to and want in my life for a long time. He’s so funny and can always cheer me up. We will talk on the phone for almost two hours.  I just saying stupid stuff. He laughs about it. It makes me excited that I can make him laugh because sometimes I can’t do that with other people.

Niklaus also known as Nik is my absolute best friend. He’s the person you can count on to talk to you on the phone and comfort you when you cry. He and I didn’t use to be friends. We basically hated each other, but, we started talking, and he became my best friend in like two days. He’s so funny and so kind hearted. He has helped me through so much and I really thank him for that. He and I go through some of the same things, so we can relate to each other and help each other. It’s a nice thing that we can. Nik and I have a joke for when I get married. He’s going to be the flower boy at my wedding and hit people with the flowers. It’s just something that makes me happy because Nik is one of the best people to have in your life, everyone needs a Nik in their life. He’s so caring and he and I are the best of friends. I trust him very much. We have talked about things I could never talk about with my other friends, I’m very comfortable with talking to him. Nik is just a ball of joy. He can cheer up someone very quickly and make you feel less upset about whatever it was you were upset about. I’m really thankful for Nik being my best friend.

Both Nik and Zach are people I want in my life for a very long time. We have this thing where we pinky promise each other when I only do with one other person. We send pictures of our pinkys to each other. When we do it, it makes me very happy. I take a pinky promise a lot more serious than a regular promise because sometimes you need to be childish. I have pictures of screenshots from when I have pinky promised with Nik and Zach. I printed them and put them on my wall because they make me feel better when I look at them.

We all get upset but we always overcome it eventually. If I’m upset, Nik will facetime me at times or just text me saying I’m his best friend. Zach will send me pictures and videos of his little sister because she’s so cute and somehow, she’s stronger than I am. When Nik is upset, I tell him how important he is to me,  that I love him, and that he’s my best friend. When Zach is upset, I will send him pictures of my nose because he says it makes him feel better or I’ll call him, and send him a video of me singing horribly. Sometimes it works and it makes me happy. We know how to help each other and they know how to help me more than anyone else. That means a lot to me because I trust them ver much.

If I lost them, I don’t know what I would do. They make me laugh with our conversations about random stuff with all the inside jokes we have. I really am thankful for them. They are people I will always care for and be there for no matter what. It may be five to ten years down the road with no contact, I would be there for them if they were to contact me. After all, I pinky promised them!