My first Mass Communication Week experience at Texas State University

The Magnet Tribune: Courtesy photo

Aryanna Rodriguez, Staff writer

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to go out to Texas State and attend Mass Communication Week. This trip definitely helped me learn a lot more about media and all that it has to offer. It really got me thinking about majoring in communications because of all it has to offer.

When we arrived at Texas State we had a session with guest speaker Olga Campos-Benz. She told us a little about what she does and how she got to where she is today. She is a University of Texas graduate who spent more than 30 years covering the biggest news stories in Houston, Corpus Christi, and Austin, Texas.

She mentioned to us how she was at the time the only Latina working in Houston in the local news. She now serves on several non-profit boards, and has also recently completed her first novel “It’s news to me.” Hearing her talk about her career really opened my eyes and inspired me. I was interested to hear her speak about what she does especially because of her enthusiasm and passion towards her job.

After the session, we went on a tour around the university. We had a chance to walk around campus and it really helped me see everything Texas State has to offer. Walking around seeing all of the students doing their own thing made me realize how different it is from high school. There were so many different types of ethnicities all around campus. It was great seeing that many different people and everyone in their own world focused on getting things done.

It made me realize all the opportunities that there are out there and all the opportunities that communications has to offer. The people at Texas State definitely impacted on my look at the future.”

— Aryanna Rodriguez

After touring the campus we went to the station where KTSW-FM 89.9 is aired, and where the newsroom for the University Star newspaper is located as well. As I walked in I saw students working on all types of different things and I was amazed at how I could relate to some. There were students working writing stories, editing audios, and interacting with each other as well as helping each other. I instantly fell in love with how they were working together and helping each other. It was such a positive environment and I was happy to see others doing what I love to do.

When we were done touring the campus and taking a look at the station we had a session with the counselor from Texas State. She explained to us everything Texas State had to offer and all the careers that are offered there. She also explained to us what we needed to apply to Texas State and to apply for universities.

We also had the opportunity to go to the library and take a look at the Wittliff Collection art gallery. We got to see a lot of different collections and got to hear about them and the history behind them from guest speaker Hector Saldaña. It was amazing to be able to engage with the Wittliff Collections holdings.

Lastly, we got a tour of the student TV production studio. This studio tour was probably one of my favorites. I was instantly amazed how big the studio was and how organized it looked. I had never been super interested in TV production, but after this tour, I was definitely open to it. Seeing what is done looked so fun and it is something I would love to try.

This trip to Texas State really opened my eyes and made me consider going to a college out of town, maybe even to Texas State. It made me realize all the opportunities that there are out there and all the opportunities that communications have to offer. The people at Texas State definitely impacted on my look at the future.

I am so grateful I got to attend Mass Communication Week because I had so many opportunities and eye openers. This trip gave me an idea on what I will be doing if I do decide to major in communications, and that is the reason I am glad I did not miss this trip to Texas State.