How time flies when you don’t notice

Manuel Ruiz, Staff Writer

It’s always important to enjoy the time you have with the people you care about. Time really flies when you don’t even notice. Sometimes an hour feels like thirty minutes, a year can feel like a month, but each day feels like an hour passing by.

Time is something interesting. Many say time flies when you’re having fun, but when something isn’t fun for many, time feels slow and takes it time. A few months ago, it felt like I was still in my sophomore year, but now I realize that I’m now in my senior year about to graduate soon, which feels insane to me.

Many say growing up feels so fast, and I’ve learned that it is too fast. Many don’t see time is flying by so fast that they don’t notice that life is about to start for many.

I remember hearing many people tell me, “Enjoy being young, once you’re an adult, it’s not the same anymore,” and it’s true! I thought I had all the time in the world, but it turned out to be wrong. Never spend the time by wasting it, enjoy it by hanging out with friends and family, discover many things, create goals and accomplish them! Never give up, and always try your best. That’s something I’ve learned from many friends and family, and it’s something I want any incoming freshman to know, that it’s important to enjoy your time — you’ll never see it coming when life is about to hit you.