Photo Friday: A night on Route 66

Zoe Alvarez, Photo Friday coulmnist

The American Southwest: I’ve always been so attracted to that region of the United States. It’s the place that takes us back to the time of diners, neon signs, vintage cars, and more. After stumbling upon a photo of the Teepee Curios neon sign on a travel magazine, I was entranced and eager to find out where this neon sign could possibly be. With research, I found Tucumcari, New Mexico, a little sleepy town on Route 66. It soon became part of my travel bucket list. After I did more research and convinced my parents, my parents planned a road trip that included the great Route 66. The I night spent in Tucumcari gave me a taste of Southwest Americana. Neon sign after neon sign, I wanted more. My camera and I simply could not get enough. I now have the fondest memories of Route 66.

Song for today: Conversation Piece by Kings of Leon

This is the song that Reminds the photographer of Tepee Curios and Tucumcari.