Stop Slacking

Angie Bravo, Staff writer

When I first got to high school, I knew it was going to entail working hard. I didn’t know however, just how hard that would be. In all honesty, freshman and sophomore year were probably the easiest years to get by. I just showed up and then waited for the end of the day to go to debate. (This time is pivotal to join extracurricular activities and really bulk up that resume.)

Nevertheless, once junior year came around, though it was a fun year, I slacked an embarrassingly large amount of time. If I had a test the next day, I thought the night before was enough to study but bear this in mind when I say you cannot study for the ACT and SAT the day before. These tests in particular require extensive time specifically dedicated them due to the material covered in them which unfortunately is not covered in our classes. Had I known the ACT was going to be difficult enough to retest for it twice for a total of testing of three times, I would have started studying my sophomore year.

Now a senior I can honestly say, I still have not improved my procrastination habits. I turn in scholarships the day they’re due or ask for letters of recommendations the day before the deadline. The amount of stress that senior year entails is only exacerbated when you leave everything off to the last minute. Sure, I’ve been told to not slack, but did I listen? No, and now I am drowning in the pool of stress I have created. Dear lower class men, stop slacking. It will be to your benefit to get things out of the way so when you’re out having fun, you don’t have a wave of worry and dread gloom over you constantly.

Additionally, when you eventually do reach senior year, do not lose your sanity. Organization is key; just because I don’t have organization, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. Learn from my mistakes. Also, do not go crazy your senior year. Along with entering new grades, come new responsibilities and freedoms. While it is peak time to have fun, do not have too much and regret your decision; be smart so you can have both productive and fun years.