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2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Vivian ColemanStaff WriterSee Vivian Coleman's profile
See Vivian Coleman's profile
Laura CerdaStaff WriterSee Laura Cerda's profile
See Laura Cerda's profile
Kassandra GarciaStaff WriterSee Kassandra Garcia's profile
See Kassandra Garcia's profile
Michelle RodriguezStaff WriterSee Michelle Rodriguez's profile
See Michelle Rodriguez's profile
Claudia LaraStaff WriterSee Claudia Lara's profile
See Claudia Lara's profile
Odalys VerasteguiStaff WriterSee Odalys Verastegui's profile
See Odalys Verastegui's profile
Javier RodriguezStaff WriterSee Javier Rodriguez's profile
See Javier Rodriguez's profile
Lesdy HernandezStaff WriterSee Lesdy Hernandez's profile
See Lesdy Hernandez's profile
Alfonso GutierrezStaff WriterSee Alfonso Gutierrez's profile
See Alfonso Gutierrez's profile
Jocelyn FigueroaStaff WriterSee Jocelyn Figueroa's profile
See Jocelyn Figueroa's profile
Jovan ContrerasStaff WriterSee Jovan Contreras's profile
See Jovan Contreras's profile
Bailey YearyStaff WriterSee Bailey Yeary's profile
See Bailey Yeary's profile
Analiz RobledoStaff WriterSee Analiz Robledo's profile
See Analiz Robledo's profile
Jordyn RebelesStaff WriterSee Jordyn Rebeles's profile
See Jordyn Rebeles's profile
Judy MolinaStaff WriterSee Judy Molina's profile
See Judy Molina's profile
Estefania GaragarzaStaff WriterSee Estefania Garagarza's profile
See Estefania Garagarza's profile
Xitlaly AvilaStaff WriterSee Xitlaly Avila's profile
See Xitlaly Avila's profile
Olivia TreviñoStaff WriterSee Olivia Treviño's profile
See Olivia Treviño's profile
Katherine DovalinaStaff WriterSee Katherine Dovalina's profile
See Katherine Dovalina's profile
Eva MontielStaff WriterSee Eva Montiel's profile
See Eva Montiel's profile
Addy MelgarStaff WriterSee Addy Melgar's profile
See Addy Melgar's profile
Jacqueline MataStaff WriterSee Jacqueline Mata's profile
See Jacqueline Mata's profile
Marlene GarciaStaff Writer See Marlene Garcia's profile
See Marlene Garcia's profile
Rachell RamirezStaff WriterSee Rachell Ramirez's profile
See Rachell Ramirez's profile
Lauren MedellinStaff WriterSee Lauren Medellin's profile
See Lauren Medellin's profile
Julieta LopezStaff WriterSee Julieta Lopez's profile
See Julieta Lopez's profile
Fernando MartinezStaff WriterSee Fernando Martinez's profile
See Fernando Martinez's profile
Zoe AlvarezStaff WriterSee Zoe Alvarez's profile
See Zoe Alvarez's profile
Kayla GonzalezStaff WriterSee Kayla Gonzalez's profile
See Kayla Gonzalez's profile
Briana SepulvedaStaff WriterSee Briana Sepulveda's profile
See Briana Sepulveda's profile
Victoria HernandezStaff WriterSee Victoria Hernandez's profile
See Victoria Hernandez's profile
Emilia VelaStaff WriterSee Emilia Vela's profile
See Emilia Vela's profile
Salma SilvaStaff WriterSee Salma Silva's profile
See Salma Silva's profile
Jodie SanchezStaff WriterSee Jodie Sanchez's profile
See Jodie Sanchez's profile
Dafne NaranjoStaff WriterSee Dafne Naranjo's profile
See Dafne Naranjo's profile
America MorenoStaff WriterSee America Moreno's profile
See America Moreno's profile
Anna DavenportStaff WriterSee Anna Davenport's profile
See Anna Davenport's profile
Emily GarzaStaff WriterSee Emily Garza's profile
See Emily Garza's profile
Practice ProfilePractice ProfileSee Practice Profile's profile
See Practice Profile's profile
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