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World Geography teacher Juan Astudillo helps a student during a recent first block class. He said he prefers having a 5-day school week.

Opinions vary on 4-day school week

April 30, 2019

David Rincon, a freshman from Nixon High School, likes the idea of a four-day school week. “I think it’s a good idea, we get more time to ourselves. We will be able to do more things with another day off,” Rincon said. An estimated 560 districts in 25 states have allowed at least some of ...

My first semester

Sofia Ramos

January 13, 2017

As the fall semester of the 2016-2017 school year comes to an end, I am extremely shocked at how fast it has passed and a bit disappointed. I am disappointed because I feel that I wont like my classes next semester. This semester my classes were pretty chill, and I really liked the people in them. My classes included journalism, AP English, AP Spanish, BIM, and physics. I did not take the STAAR this semester, although it’s an easy test I’m not looking forward to testing in a few months. This semester was full of...

The start of a new school year

Delilah Gonzalez, Observations

September 23, 2015

Starting, as a junior isn’t that bad. It’s been around 4 weeks in school already and I like all my classes. I like all my teachers, too. I started my school year ready to learn. I have a good feeling that this school year is going to be awesome. This year there’s only five blocks and they are like an hour and a half each class. They seem longer, but I actually like this new schedule. You don’t have to be class to class every 50 minutes. And the teachers have more time to teach their lesson. There’s so much...

My Freshmen Year Ends

Delilah Gonzalez, Staff Writer

June 3, 2014

Today is the day I have to say ''It's not a goodbye. It’s a see you soon.'' I'm really going to miss my friends this year. I really had a good year. I did have lots of fun in my morning classes at VMT. I met new friends from different schools. I enjoyed the events VMT would have. They were so fun. I did have trouble in some classes. I wouldn't understand a subject but I never gave up. I hope I get to see my friends in 10th grade. Hopefully I don't change schools. I definitely want come too VMT next year. Next...

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