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Video games show fascination for Daniel Rodriguez

January 11, 2019

Staff writer Javier Rodriguez discuss video games with Daniel Rodriguez.

Game Corner: Jump into adventure with Pokémon X

Game Corner: Jump into adventure with Pokémon X

December 1, 2016

Game Corner Reviews: Pokémon X History Pokémon X and Y was revealed on January 8, 2013, during a worldwide live stream through a Nintendo Direct hosted by former Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata. The game took 3.5 years to create, according to the game's director Junichi Masuda and included more ...

Everything to know about Undertale (Spoilers)

May 5, 2016

Staff Writer Homer Arevalo talks about the game Undertale.

Waffle Iron: Monster Card Game

Waffle Iron: Monster Card Game

April 13, 2016

Waffle Iron: Tony and Johnny play cards.

Gamebreaker: The Division is enjoyable with friends

Eric Botello, Gamebreaker Columnist

March 28, 2016

Filed under Reviews

The Division is a role-playing third person shooter-type game with survival elements. The game takes place in Manhattan with elements the player can destroy and explore. The player’s main objective is to restore order by investigating the source of the virus. Players have to team up as they progress in the game. There is this place called the Dark Zone. It’s a player versus player-type multiplayer in The Division where there are a lot of high-end weapons left behind by the military which retreats in the game. The...

Gamebreaker: Clash of Clans could be a game for you

Gamebreaker: Clash of Clans could be a game for you

May 20, 2015

Clash of Clans begins by introducing the player to his own village where he plays the role as chief where he given the responsibility of overseeing the village and protect it from goblins. As the new chief of the village, the player is given a grand tour by a village woman and is taught everything ther...

Popular new app on the App Store

Christopher Cantu, Gamebreaker Columnist

April 9, 2015

Filed under Staff Blogs

Recently in the apple App Store there was a new application I noticed that is slowly becoming popular named Race Day. Race Day is a 2D racing game where players can race against other online players. Depending on what place you finish the race, you get a certain amount of experience points which will eventually raise your level in the game. Every time you level up in the game you unlock something new like a new car to race in or some new tires to customize your car. If you're looking for an entertaining game to pass...

The Bug: The choking game is nothing to have fun with

Martha Inguanzo, The Bug Columnist

February 16, 2015

Filed under Opinions

Parents need to be super careful with their children. There is this new activity going around; some children actually call it game. Let me make something clear. It is not a game! Don’t listen to what your peers tell you. It is extremely dangerous! The choking game is a dangerous practice of tweens and teens in which they self-strangulate in order to achieve a brief high, according to The high is the result of oxygen rushing back to the brain after its cut off by the practice of strangulation. The ch...

Video games that we’ve played are a lot of fun

February 9, 2015

Staff writers Milton Hattem, Edward Barrera, and Victor Garcia talk about fun games they've played and games they're excited about.

Having fun with Quiz Up and reviewing Clash of Clans

January 23, 2015

Magnet Tribune staff writer Victoriano Garcia talks with Edward and Milton about Clash of Clans and plays Quiz Up.

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