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Effect poses in the team USA facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A Houston boxer gives USA team some “Effect”

May 17, 2019

A 20-year-old boxer is punching his way through to a spot in the Olympics. Ephraim Bui was born Dec. 3, 1999, in Virginia. Later his family moved to Sugarland, Texas. As of April 9, Bui is number 1 in the 108th Division in USA Boxing Elite. Bui is also known as Ephraim Effect. “Ephraim Effect is ...

Creepy and Unexplained: Houston’s infamous double homicide

September 18, 2018

What do you think of when you hear the word “Icebox?” If you thought about a refrigerator, you’re correct. In the mid-19th century, the old and unmechanical version of the refrigerator, the icebox, used blocks of ice to keep food cold. On June 1965, in Houston, a refrigerator, the much more advanced...

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