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Stop assuming without knowing

Lucero Rea

February 28, 2017

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Everybody sees things a different way and not everyone understands them or sees the reality of it. Nowadays ignorant people assume things so easily and judge by peoples actions based on their past encounters. I really despise the simple thing of assuming, nobody absolutely knows what is going through your mind and starts interpreting, since apparently that’s what society does best. I live a good life if you ask me and I may do things that seem wrong but never with a bad intention. Our world would be a better...

Some people need to keep their comments to themselves

Martha Inguanzo, Staff Writer

February 27, 2014

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Some people need to keep their comments to themselves. As the day went by, I was frustrated to start off with. At one point I was trying to smile so people wouldn’t think that I was always mad. As I was about to put a smile on my face, I hear this girl judging me! She started criticizing about how I dress. I decided to just walk away and ignore her. As the day went by, I started thinking to myself that why judge someone if nobody’s perfect! I started crying of anger because it’s not like if I could hit her because...

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