The Magnet Tribune

Movie scenes you may never see

Fernando Martinez, Staff Writer

December 13, 2018

In a generation where we have access to virtually anything, the thought about lost media and knowing we may never get to experience it for ourselves seems unnatural. Maybe one day these rare items will be recovered, but for now the few facts and evidence we have leaves them to our imagination. King Kong (1933) “Lost Spider Pit Sequence” One of the first and most famous examples of lost media is the “Spider Pit Sequence” from the original King Kong. There remains no footage of the original scene, and it is ru...

Observations: Lonely and lost teens

Elizabeth Flores, Observations Columnist

December 9, 2013

A teenage mind will always be confusing. Come close to one that isn’t your child: notice their every move and every thought and tell me how you react. Trust me, you’ll be scared of all the negativity, hate, and anger that build up in a tiny body.  The thought of suicide eats the mind little by little. The fights and heartbreaks poison the body and leave the soul rotting. They vanish from the things that once made the heart happy. The mind can’t understand the possible reason to have gotten this bad. The pain and ...

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