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Podcasters hope to make a difference for local artists

Podcasters hope to make a difference for local artists

March 25, 2019

It’s always “100 percent” with podcasters Josh Castillo and Roger Ramirez. Castillo, 25 years old, and Ramirez, 26 years old, may have not started off together but now are helping inspire young artists by using a podcast. Roger describes it as “A platform by and for Laredo artists.” They pre...

Sports are worth the time spent playing (podcast)

December 18, 2018

Staff writer Judy Molina and Bella Haynes discuss school and sports.

Middle school stories can be funny

May 24, 2017

Staff writers Jodie Sanchez and Melissa Rendon discuss their middle school experiences.

13 Reasons Why relates to real life situations

May 24, 2017

Briana Sepulveda and Salma Silva discuss 13 Reasons Why and the definition of beauty.

Our VMT experiences and 13 Reasons Why are discusssed

May 16, 2017

Staff Writers America Moreno, Victoria Hernandez, and Anna Davenport discuss their experiences at VMT as freshman and about the Netflix hit TV show "13 Reasons Why."

Ghosts and high school make for an interesting discussion

May 25, 2016

Staff writer Krysta Robles discusses variety of topics with Mariene Sanchez and Manuel Ruiz.

6 year old’s point of view about life (podcast)

April 18, 2016

Magnet Tribune staff writer Madelyn Dion interviews a 6 year old about his point of view of life, and Karla Alvarez about social media.

Skateboarding culture and lifestyle attract a variety of individuals (podcast)

April 12, 2016

Staff writer Nikolas Herrera discusses skateboarding culture and lifestyle with fellow skaters.

Personal experiences can sometimes be embarrassing

February 11, 2015

Magnet Tribune staff writer Miguel Zamarripa talks about embarrassing moments and other topics with his guests Victorie Meza, Leslye Rosas, Katia Guardiola.

Out with the old tech, in with the new (audio)

April 14, 2014

Brandon, Belen and William discuss how technology has evolved over the past few years.

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