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The Poetry Hub: Langston Hughes

Vivian Coleman, Staff Writer

November 12, 2019

What happens to a childhood deferred when old age is inevitable, and lack of ambition is encouraged? At one point in time, we were synonymous with innocence, our very beings encouraged every young aspiration our adolescent minds uttered. However, when the naivety of childhood disappears, do we disappear with it? Are we all victims of our circumstances? Langston Hughes held the same sentiments. Raised in a single mother household, Hughes’ mother, despite her lack of faith, provided her son with accounts of her roots...

The Poetry Hub: Emma Lazarus

Vivian Coleman, Staff Writer

September 5, 2019

Poetry is a depiction of someone’s most vulnerable thoughts. It is a gateway to a person’s very own Elysium, completely surpassing Cerberus as each epic constructs a meaning with mundane flicks of pen on paper. The artist of the week is a woman famous; yet, she is barely regarded: an oxymoron that grows with the passage of time. This classical American poet conveyed the foundation of America; however, it was not until her death at thirty-eight that she became renown for coining Lady Liberty as: The Mother of Exiles. Nowadays,...

Cynthia Dougherty-Bernal, an English teacher at Nixon High School, got her start as a poet at VMT.

English teacher/poet got her start at VMT

May 15, 2019

Her journey as a writer started at The Magnet Tribune. She is now an English teacher and a published poet. Cynthia Dougherty-Bernal has published three books of poetry so far in her career as a poet. She discussed how she started out to become a poetic writer and about her journey to become an ...

Visitors to Open Mic were greeted with this up on the whiteboard in the creative writing classroom.

Tapestry staff and visitors listen to poetry and stories at Open Mic

March 8, 2017

Tapestry literary magazine staff held an Open Mic event on February 16 in A201. Staff and visitors recited poetry and stories.

Tapestry holds Open Mic Night (package)

October 28, 2014

Dark pieces of literature seemed to be in the majority at Tapestry magazine’s Open Mic Night. The event on October 16 took place in Tapestry magazine’s classroom in the Harding building Ashley Ramirez’s Open Mic Night audience of nearly 30 students saw 18 pieces of literature presented. Ramirez...

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