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Sports are worth the time spent playing (podcast)

December 18, 2018

Staff writer Judy Molina and Bella Haynes discuss school and sports.

2016 was difficult

Melissa Rendon, Staff Writer

January 13, 2017

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The goals that I have set for myself this school year are, I want to try to be more positive than I usually am, towards sports, school work, homework, and myself. I want to learn about others, make a lot more friends. I want to open myself to my friends so they can get to know me as well. I have practice every day of the week including Saturdays, then after practice I go see my grandparents because I usually don’t see during the week. My classes this semester were not that difficult but next semester I’m going to...

My first semester

Sofia Ramos

January 13, 2017

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As the fall semester of the 2016-2017 school year comes to an end, I am extremely shocked at how fast it has passed and a bit disappointed. I am disappointed because I feel that I wont like my classes next semester. This semester my classes were pretty chill, and I really liked the people in them. My classes included journalism, AP English, AP Spanish, BIM, and physics. I did not take the STAAR this semester, although it’s an easy test I’m not looking forward to testing in a few months. This semester was full of...

Reflecting first semester

Krysta Robles, Staff Writer

January 10, 2017

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In the short months of school starting, first semester is coming to an end. We still have less than a week until second semester. I am not excited for that. I like my first semester classes, I only have one academic. However, in my second semester schedule, I am taking three academics. Guess who is going to be stressed out? If you guessed me, then you’re absolutely right! Honestly can’t wait for that. I’m pretty sure that I will not be that stressed out, but I won’t deny the fact that I am not ready for the seco...

Journalism instructors are unique among all teachers

Mark Webber, Journalism instructor

December 29, 2016

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November 29's journal topic, "If you were to give Mr. Webber a journal topic, what would it be? Please explain," brought forth a number of very interesting responses. Normally I don't read journal responses but I had to read this one, and what I read surprised me. About one-third to one-half of answers involved asking me to discuss teaching in general, or teaching journalism in particular. Some of those wanted to know how I liked being a teacher, or how I ended up as a journalism teacher. All were excellent responses,...

First day of junior year

Maddie Dion, Staff Writer

August 25, 2016

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August 22, 2016, was the day I started my junior year. The night before it was really hard for me to go to sleep, eventually I did. That morning my mom came and woke me up and I did. I was super nervous for that day. Eventually it was time for me to go to school. When I got to school it was okay then I got to the cafeteria and things went downhill. I’m not going to go into detail but it just wasn’t a good start. By the time first period started I was fine and in second period I was fine then lunch came and some...

Students perform for ITV video

May 27, 2016

Students perform for the LISD video on May 25 in the A building. The video will be shown to district teachers during a meeting in August.

VMT students rehearse for the LISD video

VMT students rehearse for the LISD video

May 25, 2016

Students rehearsed for the LISD video on May 12 in a building. The actual filming took place on May 25.

Frank Architects receives Design Excellence Award for new campus

Frank Architects receives Design Excellence Award for new campus

April 7, 2016

The architects which designed the new VMT campus have received an award for their design. Frank Architects received the Design Excellence Award from the Lower Rio Grande Valley American Institute of Architects Chapter Design Awards Program. Frank Rotnofsky, a principal at Frank Architect...

Freshmen express various opinions on high school

Freshmen express various opinions on high school

February 10, 2016

Freshmen at Nixon high school and VMT said they enjoy opportunities of high school. Ruth Martinez, a student at Nixon HS, thinks that high school is the total opposite of middle school. “High school is different compared to middle school,” Martinez said. Natalia Villarreal prefers her classes...

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