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Spotlight: Bribery charges should result in strong justice

Mauro Flores, Spotlight Columnist

October 25, 2018

The fact that two elected officials fell for temptation and took bribes is just wrong. Corrupt people should not take part in any city or county position let alone have a part in city or county matters. I am glad that former Webb County Commissioner Jaime Canales and former member of Laredo City Council John “Johnny” Amaya pleaded guilty to bribery conspiracy charges in federal court. Canales accepted things of value including checks disguised as campaign contributions, personal loans, use of a Padre Island co...

Spotlight: Students protest for gun control

Mauro Flores, Spotlight Columnist

April 11, 2018

In the first 13 weeks of 2018 there were 10 school shootings -- about 1.4 shootings per week. Students from a high school decided to do something about this situation. The survivors from the Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida co-founded the “Never Again MSD” gun control organization and “March for Our Lives,” a march for gun control. Emma Gonzalez, a shooting victim and student, spoke at this march and paid her respects by remaining quiet for six minutes, which is how long the shooting took. “S...

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