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A letter to all freshman starting high school

Olga Ozornia, Staff Writer

May 24, 2019

Dear Incoming High School Freshmen, These next four years may contain many relationships coming to an end, a lot of drama with people, and will especially go through an unmeasurable amount of stress. During these next year’s you’ll experience a lot, and hopefully, this advice could be of use to you while in high school. First of all, high school is not how the movies perceive it to be. There is no life-changing makeover that makes you popular, no choreographed number that the whole school dances to, and there are...

Graduate describes early college experience (podcast)

May 23, 2019

Staff Writer Olivia Trevino and Maria Martinez discuss her experiences at the LBJ early college.

Is failing or never trying worse? What are you most grateful for?

Olga Ozornia, Staff Writer

March 28, 2019

I believe never trying is worse because you don’t get to experience life as it is. Everyone fails in life, at one point or another, and you’re just bound to experience it. If you think of it this is how many famous people became famous because of their failure. So, failing shouldn’t be something you should fear because it’s a way of maturing. To fail is a part of life, so when we succeed we can say it was through these moments that got me here. Never withstanding a loss is what stops people from moving on in th...

Our VMT experiences and 13 Reasons Why are discusssed

May 16, 2017

Staff Writers America Moreno, Victoria Hernandez, and Anna Davenport discuss their experiences at VMT as freshman and about the Netflix hit TV show "13 Reasons Why."

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